5 Awesome Zoom Trick Worm Tips (BEST 5)

You will agree with me when I say using zoom trick worm to fish can be fun and rewarding.


Many people (you are likely to be among) are not utilizing the worm they way they should.

On this page, you will learn 5 of the best tips that I guarantee will make you a better zoom trick worm fisherman. These tips will make you catch big fishes and they work consistently.

I will like to start with efficiency.

How to Efficiently Use Zoom Trick Worm

How will you feel if you can catch fish 9 out of 10 times?

Do you honestly believe you can do that? Can you make 10 worm strikes and catch 9 out of those?

Believe me, I can do it.

And not once or twice, I do every time.

That the average I have with my zoom trick worm. And it happens with the right rod, line, hook and the right set up. So efficiency is important.

The number one thing you will need for good efficiency is the write rod.

Six and half foot rod that is medium heavy.

That is the one I prefer yours might be a bit different though.

You can also go for 7-foot medium heavy.

You have got a choice here so far you can do what I am about to tell you.

With the rod is a reel, and I use journeyman 8:1 reel, again this is a choice.

Now come the first secret in efficiency…

I use 30 pound braided line for the rod. You might ask why I am using braided line or say you don’t like using it.

Braided line is more sensitive, that is one.

Braided line does not stretch which allows me to set the hook better.

And all of that makes braided line more efficient.

Wait, I know what you are thinking.

The fish is going to see the braided line. No. Not with what I am going to tell you next.

I will explain to you two ways on…

how to prevent the fish from seeing a braided line.

First, when the line is tied directly to the hook use a black path magic marker to color the line.

This is a tested and trusted method.

Do you know why it works?

Because black is the most invincible color to the fish.

You can tie a double uni knot on the line then you add a little bit of super glue on the knot.

You can find more fish facts here.

How To Use Zoom Trick Worm In Heavy Covers

Now comes the tip on the zoom trick worm… And this another way to make you fishing efficient.

Do you know that there is a particular way to rig the worm itself? It is a simple trick but only few people know about it.

This is it…

You will use a barber stop on the line then on the head of the zoom trick worm, you place a sweevel there.

“What! A sweevel, what is it doing on the worm?”

Please don’t doubt this because is a trick from the depth of best tricks.

Now let me tell you the work of the sweevel but first let me share…

how you place a sweevel on zoom trick worm.

You pass the sweevel through the hook on the worm.

So the sweevel will go from the pin-head of the hook all the way back to the other end on the zoom trick worm.  The sweevel gets to the hook band and holds the worm.

Now you’ve got an efficient worm.

Why do you have to do that?

Assuming you don’t put a barber stop and you use the zoom trick worm in a heavy cover.

May be because heavy covers usually have big fish or some other good reasons.

Most people have their worm hooked up in heavy covers because the worm pulls down on the hook and it makes it difficult to get such worm through the cover in the right way.

Because it is gets hung most of the time and it is pulling down on the hook.

But with the way I explained to you, you have the most efficient way of keeping the worm on the hook.

So without the barber stop, the zoom trick worm will up to the lim and stays there probably for some seconds.

And when you feel the wait you wouldn’t realize the worm is off the weight.

But with the barber stop there, the worm will fall into the right place you want it.

Now is the second tip under this section.

Actually this is an alternative way to the sweevel.

You can use super glue to glue the head of the worm to the hook.

It is an old technique and many people do that.

You should try it out yourself but I like the sweevel.

And I have my reasons for that.

The sweevel can be used many times, and it makes the worm last longer.

Another simple tip to make your zoom trick worm last longer is this…

You can hook the worm the other way round when the head gets messed up.

You turn it around.

Hooking the worm backwards work well too.

So you save yourself some money by using the sweevel and also when you use the messed up worm backwards.

With this tip alone, you can use the same zoom trick worm to catch 3X more the amount of fish you use it to catch before.

What Is the Best Weight to Use for Zoom Trick Worm?

The simple answer is this….

it depends on the amount of wind blowing at that time.

Let’s take for example.

When you fish 3-4 feet deep in a shallow water where there is no wind and you notice that the water is calm.

In that scenario I am going to use no weight.

But what is the wind is blowing like 5 miles/hour? I will use 8-ounce weight.

If it is 10 miles/hour I might use a quarter ounce. You get the idea.

Here is an advice for you though.

Go home if the wind is blowing at 25 miles/hour. I believe that is simple enough.

Fishing will not be efficiently at that wind speed.

So the idea behind this tip is that you want enough weight that will hold the bait to the bottom. Actually where you can feel the bottom.

And that brings me to the tip on how you should hold the fishing rod.

If you the rod in the proper direction…

By the way, proper direction is when you hold the rod at 45-90 degree high.

This will make you feel the bottom better.

Whereas, if you hold the rod 45 degrees towards the fish, you will not feel much and the fish will feel you more.

In that case the efficiency of feeling the bottom is no more there.

Hold your rod at 45-90 degrees high and they won’t feel you and you will feel them more. So hold your rod high to get the right sensitivity.

Still on weight.

There is another good weight. It is the screwing weight.

The company that does it make weight on all sizes. You put in on your line and you screw it up to the head of the worm.

It is pretty good and not bad.

Alternatively, you can make use of a tooth pick.

You stick the tooth pick in a little hole on the head of the zoom trick worm and you push it in a little bit then you break it off.

I believe you get the idea, you can either screw it or peg it.

Now to the 4th tip

What Is the Best Worm Tail Color?

This tip is very important especially when the water is dinghy. This is it…

You will take a zoom trick worm and deep the tail is a liquid. Just a bit. You are not going to notice the liquid in the sunlight.

What the liquid does is that it makes the tail look fluorescent.

These liquids come in many kinds of colors. You can pick your choice.

Ping is the color that has worked really well for me. Pink tail worm is amazing in spunny season.

Using a luminescent spray to catch more fish.

So what is the function of luminescent on zoom trick worm?

It makes the worm glow in deeper water. The deeper water sometimes get dark may be late in the evening or in the night.

One of the best thing to do at those times is a glowing worm. This is very efficient for night fishing.

Let us get to the last part of this post. And please share this article as much as you can if you learn something beneficial from it.


Why You Need A Good Scent For Zoom Trick Worm

For so many years now, people use to use oily vanillas to….

One: Oily vanillas mask bad odors such as gasoline, human odors and other odors that the fish does not like.

Two: fishes like the smell.

So good scent masks bad odors and also gives the fish the kind of odor they like.

You can check stores for these kinds of scents. But before you go, please check out the infographic below and amke sure you share this post.

Thanks you.

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