Yamaha XSR 155 Version 2022, introduce New Colors for 60 Years

Yamaha XSR 155 Version 2022 comes with some interesting updates and makes its users captivated. This time they also provide the latest color variant that is much more authentic.

It’s like completing a special line-up edition of the celebration of Yamaha’s 60th anniversary. In following the Grand Prix races held for the whole world.
No wonder this two-wheeled vehicle gives a special touch. They do not want to sing precious moments this time just like that.

So give a special edition on the details. So for those of you who are interested in this one-brand vehicle, try to see the discussion from us for more.

Complete Review of Yamaha XSR 155 Version 2022

Revealed when this edition will soon be released to coincide with the 60th anniversary of Yamaha. Even this series will be the main menu highlighted automatically. It is not surprising that when we see it we will be stunned.

Following the previous series such as MX King 150, All-New Aerox 155 Connected ABS, All New R15M Connected ABS, and R25 ABS.

This time they do not want to lose because although there are not many obvious differences, but they present the latest color variant.

So many are considering whether it will be suitable for a motorcycle like this. The design is quite dashing and gives a trendy impression to use.

There is the Yamaha logo as usual on the handle. When we drive will immediately see that using this brand of motorcycle.

Specifications Still Same

Yamaha XSR 155 version 2022 is revealed to still be the same as the previous specifications. The lights on the front and rear use LEDs and Full LCD Digital Speedometer.

They glorified that the series this time was inspired by the YZR500 (0W48). This variant once used by Kenny Roberts at the 1980 Grand Prix is ​​still in the 500 cc class.

The machine uses power up to 155 cc with 4 valves, SOHC. Add in the presence of advanced liquid cooling.

Named VVA or Variable Valve Actuation that will support engine performance. The addition of the Assist & Slipper Clutch feature will make the movement of the clutch and lever smoother. While the front suspension uses Up Side Down or USD.

Introducing the Latest Color Variants

This time they present the latest colors that will be the choice of users. The two colors, Silver and Matte Black, are much more elegant but still sporty.

In addition, they also revealed the presence of Matte Dark Blue Authentic color elements. We can get it at a price ranging from Rp 36-37 million.

Yamaha XSR 155 version 2022 is the latest series that looks interesting. Thanks to his appearance not far from the moment of celebration of the 60th year. If you’re interested, it doesn’t seem to be at a loss with the price tag and specifications they offer this time around.

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