Yamaha X Ride 125 with New Color design

Yamaha X Ride 125 with New Color design

The new color Yamaha X Ride 125 presents several interesting options. Despite presenting a new color, they did not add any price at all to the crossover scooter this time.

Yamaha has released this bike a while ago. It’s no wonder that this motorbike has finally caught the attention of its users, because of the new colors.

The latest color updates are attractive and show more aggressiveness for driving. Even suitable for supporting appearance when driving.

Some users will consider using the latest colors. In addition to the more contrasting colors, it complements the other variations.

Yamaha X Ride 125 New Color, Here’s the Choice

The color choices this time present some of the latest options for you. Here are some of the newest colors that are more aggressive for you to choose from.

Therefore, please, for those of you who are interested, just check it out. Because it’s really interesting and it’s a shame to miss it.

Metallic Cyan

Yamaha X Ride 125 Metallic Cyan

First, they offer eye-catching colors because they use a mix of contrasting colors that people rarely think about. The color concept of the Yamaha X Ride 125 this time is very out of the box and gives a more modern impression that feels strong.

Mix the colors orange and blue towards Tosca which also presents a striped motif on the front and side body.

The headlamp is orange, so when we look at it from the front, it gives a very strong present-day impression.

Many commented that the colors available this time were very attractive. No other vehicle that presents a color combination like this of course.

Metallic Red

Yamaha X Ride 125 Metallic Red

Furthermore, they present the new Yamaha X Ride 125 color which uses the popular color red. The combination of red and black makes it seem tough at the same time.

Keep giving a touch of red, light blue, and black striped motifs. As for the tagline for the product name X RIDE, they use a very distinctive yellowish color.

While the color of the top headlamp is red. It seems that the bold impression on this vehicle is very strong. So it is suitable to be the choice of today’s users who have tastes like this.

Metallic Blue

Yamaha X Ride 125 Metallic Blue

The last variant is the Metallic blue color which gives a cool impression. Usually, male users prefer this color because it is more attractive and doesn’t look too overwhelming.

The combination of blue, white, and metallic gray is very distinctive. It is very suitable to be a modern vehicle that is present and seems to make it easier for people to be interested in using it

Many are considering the latest colors from the Yamaha series this time. The reason is, that the pop tone feels very strong in the latest variant this time.

The new color Yamaha X Ride 125 is a consideration for those of you who are looking for a cool and trendy motorbike. Don’t miss this brand new Yamaha series.

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