Yamaha Vixion R Specification

Yamaha Vixion R Specification

Yamaha Vixion R MY 2022 is officially starting to come with some updates for its users. This time it lifts a more sporty and modern concept.

In addition, this two-wheeled vehicle gives a more attractive effect when we use it. Several designs give confirmation to this latest series.

Attracting loyal Yamaha users seems to be quite successful. The reason is, they also give an attractive impression at the same time.

So, try to pay attention to the discussion in more detail. So if you start to be interested, can consider buying it or not.

Yamaha Vixion R MY 2022

Some of the updates they present focus on the better display section. Starting from the Assist and Slipper Clutch that will help the rider move the lever.

The displacement of the gear and the clutch lever like this will affect the acceleration speed of the vehicle. Therefore, this time they give this one consideration.

In addition, they also provide a motocross suspension. So it looks more sporty under a cowl and uses tubeless tires.

The rear arm uses aluminum material. While the delta box will help the quality of its users in the rider better.

Considerations using a liquid-cooled machine will keep the machine temperature stable and not harmful of course.

Introducing the Latest Attractive Colors

Yamaha Vixion R MY 2022 will give the latest color. Available in matte black and matte red. We can take a look at the photos they share with the public today.

In some parts, they give a touch of gold color for reinforcement. In addition to the black that gives a dashing impression, a mixture of gold will make it look more luxurious.

As for the selection of red color aims to make it look elegant and attractive. Many praised the design this time as more suitable than others.

The addition of the stern of the motor and the cowling will make the graphics better. Not only that, there is Vixion R writing in red with gold that supports the display.

Machine Specifications

It is revealed that to start the year 2022, this product is present. Apart from the presence of the latest colors, Yamaha wants to maintain their identity.

But still look more sporty, luxurious, and modern at the same time. So this time it presents some features as well as the latest technology.

On the engine, use 155 cc with 6 accelerations. As for the valves, they use 4 valves complete with VVA or Variable Valve Actuation. This is the latest technology.

So that will help us get a much more even torque. Therefore, do not let you miss it just like that.

Yamaha Vixion R MY 2022 you can get immediately. Feel free to try this latest

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