The Effect of Rainwater on an Automatic Motor that Often Occurs and How to Overcome it

The Effect of Rainwater on an Automatic Motor that Often Occurs and How to Overcome it

The effect of rainwater on an automatic motorbike can indeed damage its components, so you must be able to immediately prevent it.

Because one of the complaints that often occurs when it rains is that the motor breaks down because the engine is submerged in water.

Therefore, in the rainy season like now, it is very important to keep your two-wheeled vehicle from puddles. Even a car with a more powerful engine can have problems when it rains, let alone a motorbike.

Know the Effects of Rainwater on Motor Matic

The rainy season has arrived and most people who have vehicles are lazy to wash their vehicles.

Many of them think that washing their motorbikes during the rainy season is useless because later they will also be exposed to rainwater again.

In fact, if you think about it, things like this actually endanger vehicle components that can trigger damage.

Because rainwater contains acid it can damage vehicle components, especially for automatic motorcycles.

In automatic motors, water vapor can directly enter the CVT filter or air filter and interfere with its performance.

Therefore, it is quite important for you to be more diligent in checking how the condition of the filter on your favorite motorbike is.

Effects on Motorcycle chain

The effect of rainwater on an automatic motor can cause a chain problem, considering that the water contains acid.

Of course, this can have a bad impact on motor components made of iron.

Thus, it can cause rust on the motorcycle chain because it is easily accessible by water.

Therefore, in order to avoid the risk of rust, it’s a good idea to rinse the motor using clean water.

Effects on Brake Pads and Problems Associated

Motorcycles that are often exposed to rain will not only have an impact on the physical part, but also the component parts.

Call it brake linings that can accumulate some dirt when exposed to rain.

Because the effect of rainwater on the automatic motor when it hits the brake pads can cause a squeaking sound when the motor wheel starts to spin.

Not only that, the brakes will also wear out faster because dirt can scratch the disc discs.

Air Filter Gets Wet

The problem that often occurs when the rainy season arrives on two-wheeled vehicles is that the air filter becomes wet.

The reason is, the condition of the air filter cover that is not good can make it easier for water to enter.

Thus, it can block the air that should be needed for the combustion process. So you will feel that the gas pull is much heavier than before.

In addition, the gas opening will also be bigger and make the moto accelerate. If the water has entered, it will make the vehicle die suddenly.

After you know some of the effects of rainwater on an automatic motorcycle, it is also very important to take action before something bad happens. One of them is to wash it after it rained so that the components are not easily damaged.

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