Suzuki Saluto 125 2022 Released with New Colors in Taiwan

Suzuki Saluto 125 2022 is the latest automatic motorcycle. This vehicle has been officially launched by Suzuki in Taiwan.

So far, the Suzuki Saluto 125 has generated quite strong enthusiasm from automotive enthusiasts. However, until now the Saluto 125 is still only available in Taiwan.

The interesting thing about this motorbike is its retro-modern design. This style is indeed popular lately so Suzuki also launched its product.

Suzuki Saluto 125 2022 launch in Taiwan

Recently, Suzuki has just launched their newest automatic scooter for the Taiwan market. This motorbike with the name Saluto 125 has a unique modern retro design.

In fact, many say that the Saluto 125 2022 is a suitable opponent for the Vespa matic. Vespa matic itself is already quite well known in the market.

Many people want a Vespa matic design. Unfortunately, the price of the Vespa matic is quite expensive.

Suzuki Saluto 125 is a motorcycle by an Italian designer named Massimo Tartarini. This is also what makes this motorbike has a design with a distinctive European aura that is quite thick.

The appearance of the new version of the Saluto 125 2022 scooter is now wrapped in a dark red color and looks more sporty. The sporty impression is present because some black accents are on the body of this motorbike.

Motor Engine Specification

When it comes to moto engine specifications, the 2022 Saluto 125 is still the same as their previous model.

Saluto 125 2022 still uses a single cylinder 124 cc engine with injection technology.

With this engine, the motor can produce a maximum power of 9.26 HP at 7000 rpm and 10 NM of torque at 6,000 rpm.

The front and rear tires of the motorbike are 100/90 in size and are mounted on 10-inch diameter rims. As for the fuel tank, this motorbike has a capacity of 5.5 liters.

Suzuki also claims that this motorbike will be fuel-efficient and can penetrate up to 62.21 km / l.

The motor safety remote lock is equipped with a 5V 2A USB connector. The Suzuki Saluto 125 2022 instrument panel also uses an LCD screen display.

Finally, this motorcycle lighting system already uses full LEDs in the headlamp, turn signal, and stop lamp.

Price and Release

Until now, the new Saluto 125 2022 is available for the Taiwan market only. In fact, reportedly there is a bit of a problem in marketing in this country.

However, before it was officially released in Taiwan, at the end of 2021 Suzuki Thailand had brought the Saluto 125 to show itself at Motor EXPO 2021 and generated a lot of excitement.

In Taiwan alone, this motorbike is priced at 82.886 TWD, equivalent to Rp. 41.2 million. If Suzuki has plans to produce the Saluto 125 2022 in ASEAN, including Indonesia, then the demand for this motorbike will be very large.

Unfortunately, Suzuki Indonesia has not yet given the slightest sign that it will produce and launch the Suzuki Saluto 125 2022.

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