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Slick Trick Broadhead (THE BEST SETS)

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Slick Trick Broadhead (THE BEST SETS)


Slick Trick Broadhead is the number one producer of fixed blades for hunting, not only in the United States, but all over the word.

They have many products and it can be confusing to choose from these products.

You know that many people like Slick Trick products not because they use all their products.


It is because these people make the right choice in choosing the product that is best for them.

So how do they make the right choice when buying from Slick Trick?

Or are they smarter than you?


On this post you will see the best slick trick broadhead.

Read on.


There are many archeries in the market and when talking about broadheads and arrows, they might be confusing at the beginning.

Beginners usually find it difficult to know the right combination.

Today, the first thing you will learn about general slick trick broadhead so that you can easily decide the right one that will work with your arrow.

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The first on my list of broadheads is Cut On Contact.

From the name, it cuts as so as it contacts the target. There is no delay at all. This broadhead has a very sharp cutting edge.

The sharp cutting edge makes it easy to slice through the animal.

And the sharp razor parts help to support the edge in the movement.

A very good example of Cut On Contact breadhead is Montec G5. It has three razor sharp edges that cuts through the flesh and meat of the animal.


The second on the list is Chisel tip broadhead.

This is aimed at cutting through the heavy part of the animal. When I say heavy parts, I mean the bones and other tick parts of the animal.

The chisel tip helps to crush the bone unlike cut on contact that only tears through the meat.

One fine example of chisel tip broadhead is Muzzy MX3.


The last part of this series of slick trick broadhead is an expandable broadhead.

The blades are movable which makes it diiferent from cut on contact braodheads.

These movement of the blades can cut up to 3 inches of diameters in the animal.

A popular type is the Rage 3 Blade broadheads.


Slick Trick Wicked Trick

Slick Trick Wicked Trick is the new broadhead for 2018. It made similar to viper cut on contact and leader blade broadheads.

It has 4 blades just like a normal cut on contact but 2 out of the 4 are short blades.

The short 2 can cut up to 1 inch of diameter while, the other tall blades cut up to 2 and half inches.


best slick trick broadhead

it all the depends on ones personal needs.

It all depend on your need. From my experience, I think the best slick trick broadhead for most people is the one with fixed blade.

A fixed blade does a double lungs cut on the animal and lives blood trail.

You can get a magnum slick trick that has steel ferrule.

Slick Trick Broadhead

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