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Shuffling Card Tricks (TOP 10 YOU DONT WANT TO MISS)

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Shuffling Card Tricks (TOP 10 YOU DONT WANT TO MISS)


If you have been a member of any group that does anything related to cards, you might have some shuffling card tricks.


You want more; you want to go from basic to pro. Or better still, you are a pro that wants to see what others can do.

Shuffling card tricks can be fun not only does it make you look professional even before starting the game or anything you might intend to use it for…

It gives some morale and increases the chance of you making a successful trick.

Please take a look at this informational infographic before you move on.

Shuffling Card Tricks


Shuffling Card Tricks

The Black Jack Shuffle

This cool Shuffling card trick is done in such a way that the audience might not even see the movement of the cards.

In addition to that…

This trick does not get the cards dirty or rough.

So how do you do this trick?

Step 1

Decide the cards into 2 halves, not necessarily equal.

Step 2

Place the 2 halves on a table with the back of the cards facing up and the bottom corners of each half facing you.

Step 3

Position your thumbs on the corners facing you. And your index fingers on the other corners (the two corners of the card facing each other). Ensure that the thumb and index fingers are tightly placed on the cards.

Step 4

Now raise the opposite corners of each half with your thumb then make the cards at each half fall on the other half.

It is quite simple and fun to do just that it requires practice to be good at it.


The Hindu Shuffle

I love this because it can be used for many things.

One, you can use it to control a card. Two, as a top stack false shuffle.

And it is a good shuffle.

So how do you do the Hindu shuffle?

Step 1

Place the whole card on your left hand if you are a right-hander.

If you use your left to do most things, place the cards on your right.

I will assume you are a right-hander and the card is on your left hand.

Step 2

Using your right hand, raise the whole cards on top of the left hand with two or three fingers…

Usually your thumb on one side and your index and the middle finger on the other side.


Now use the left hand to pick a little chunk from the top of the card.

Step 4

Continue to use the left hand to pick little chunks of the card from your right hand until little chunks remain on the right.

You then put the little chunk that remains on the right onto the cards on your left hand.

Shuffling card tricks can look hard at first but I can assure you that it will become easy with practice.

Different ways to shuffle cards

Overhand shuffle


Hindu shuffle

Pile shuffle

Corgi shuffle

Mongean shuffle

Weave and Faro shuffles

Mexican spiral shuffle

How to shuffle cards like a pro

Finally, I will share with you a simple trick on how to shuffle cards like a pro using a single hand.

The One-Handed Shuffle

The Riffle Shuffle

Those two Shuffling card tricks are for pros. And anyone can be a pro, it only takes some practice and a good attitude. 

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