20 Awesome Ripstik Tricks (FULLY EXPLAINED)

A ripstik is a caster board that is similar to the popular skateboard.

It has two ends just like a skateboard but these ends have two wheels and are movable.

The easiest way to move yourself while on the ripstik is by twisting your body to the direction you want.

You ride it just like a skateboard and the beauty of ripstik is that there are so many tricks you can perform with it.


Ripstik Tricks: Popular Examples

Ripstik Tricks For Beginners Tutorial


Flip Start

If you are a beginner, I recommend you try learning ripstik tricks with flip start.

It is simple to do.

And it is sweet in the eyes.

Another reason I tell beginners to begin with this trick is that it gives confidence.

I noticed that if someone can do it perfectly (requires little practice to be perfect).

The person will not be scared to face more difficult tricks.


Flip and Turn Start

This goes with flip start with just a little difference.

Flip start requires that you flip the board and jump on it.

On flip and turn start, you jump and turn 180* and start moving in you desired direction.

This is like an intro to body viral ripstik tricks.

And when you get it, the other trick will not look too difficult.


High Caveman

This is another beginner friendly stunt like flip start.

You have the board on your hand then you jump on it and start riding.

Your foot must be on it in the air before the wheels touch the ground.


Manual ripstik tricks

There are two types of manual trick: rear manual and nose manual.

To perform rear manual, you move and while moving you slide to the board.

Then concentrate your weight to be at you position.

This will make the front end of the board rise.

You have to be careful not to put too much weight to the back because you wouldn’t want to fall as result of dragging the back end on the ground.



The nose manual is very similar.

Instead of moving back and concentrating your weight to the back, you move front and put the weight there.

The most important aspect of manual trick is to be conscious of when the weight is too much.

You should try as much as possible to balance you weight at the position you are in.

this is the end of ripstik tricks for beginners tutorial.

lets see the cool ones.

Cool Ripstik Tricks


Hang 10

One of the most common trick.

You need to be able speed the ripstik before trying this out.

Anybody can speed with ripstik. You say. Ok.

Take a foot closer to the front of the board while speeding fast.

Don’t take the foot closer to edge that will make the back side rise.


While the first foot is at the front, move the back foot to it.

Now the two foots will be at one end of the board.

Maintain your weight so as to prevent the other end from rising.

Open up your arms provide balance to your body if you need to.

Hang on, there is Hang 20.


Hang 20

If you guessed that it is similar to hang 10.

You guessed right.

In hang 10 you take one feet to the front followed by the other feet.

Here you put the two foot at the back at the same time.

Best Ripstik Tricks


360* Wheelie

These are my best ripstik tricks. you will see more on the video.

This is not a beginner friendly trick because it requires a sense of flair with a little force.

While moving in a certain direction, the rider will put some little force on the backside of the ripstik and turn 360 degrees.

The rider will continue to move in the same direction before the trick.

It is quite difficult but with practice, a beginner can do it.

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Body Viral

It is similar to 360* Wheelie just that the rider will jump and turn 180* instead of turning 360 with the board.

It is important to know that its just the rider that will jump and turn.

The board will continue to move in the same direction it was moving before the rider jumps.

I don’t advice a beginner to try this trick.

You need to be good at using your foot if you will do this trick.



You and the board will jump into the air at the same time without the help of your hands.

Hint, you put your weight at the back and release it in a snap then jump.

That puts of to the end of ripstik tricks post. Please share as much as you can.

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