Piaggio Medley S released three latest modern premium colors

Piaggio Medley S released three latest modern premium colors

The Piaggio Medley S is back with some new premium colors that are eye-catching. This scooter with an attractive appearance is here for motorcycle lovers.

Driving comfort is a consideration to immediately find the best vehicle. People will glance at Honda’s latest series when they understand some of the upgrades.

You must have known that PT Piaggio is already available several years ago. Well, this time they did some interesting updates.

The performance they offer is also not inferior to premium class scooters. Therefore, many have discussed this vehicle.

Piaggio Medley S Presents the Latest Premium Colors

This time they present three contemporary colors to be the choice of young users. Very interesting, because this time driving has become one of the activities that we need every day.

Then support the appearance by using the latest vehicles, of course, we need to consider.

If you are considering this, let’s discuss these three colors. Reportedly it will add value to the premium impression of the color.

Piaggio Medley Bronze color

Piaggio Medley Bronze color

First, we will discuss the latest premium colors that stole the most attention. They present a Matt finish which adds an elegant impression to the vehicle.

In addition, colors like this provide a very clear modern concept to its users. No wonder it finally caught the attention of homeland users, increasingly glancing at the original color when it was released immediately.

Piaggio Medley Yellow color

Piaggio Medley Yelloe color

Furthermore, the yellow color with a glossy finish gives a fresh impression. So people will immediately remember that the series belongs to Piaggio.

The use of this color is quite rare in vehicles. Because more dark colors are scattered in general.

However, this vehicle brand dares to step out of its comfort zone and offers new experiences to new users. It’s no wonder that finally, many users are interested in using their newest vehicle this time.

Piaggio Medley Red color

Piaggio Medley Red color

This Piaggio Medley S Red Scarlatto has a glossy finish too. Very interesting when we pay attention because the red color is bold and glossy.

The impression that is formed from this latest color is a firm sporty impression. Therefore, many people are considering using the latest motorbike this time.

Besides being attractive, the premium impression feels very strong on this motorbike when we drive it. Overall, these three new colors have a smart impression and remain stylish.

This scooter will be the latest breakthrough that seems to target young users. Finally, there is a motorcycle brand that has entered the country by presenting a unique color like this.

This Piaggio Medley S is a scooter with today’s character. Therefore, for you don’t miss it try this vehicle.

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