New Honda Wave 110i 2022 Present in Thailand, Check Out the Updates

New Honda Wave 110i 2022

New Honda Wave 110i 2022 is here for the Thai market and even has quite a high demand. The design they bring is not much different from the Honda Revo model that was previously present in the country.

Entering the two-wheeled vehicle segment, which is a duck type, this motorbike has its own market in Indonesia. This is clearly visible.

You must be used to seeing this one vehicle roaming around, right? This is certainly an option because in terms of price and specifications it is clearly more balanced.

Even vehicles like this tend to be friendly to the pockets of any circle. As for the fuel, it is clearly more efficient than other types.

New Honda Wave 110i 2022, More Sporty Design

Previously, presenting the Revo series vehicle, it was even available for Indonesian users. Now comes with the latest series that has a tough and sporty design

As for taking the colors they use, it looks fresher and more contrasting than before. This gives a new impression and gets the attention of automotive observers.

The design this time also gets support from some of the features they present. Updates like this are like a marker and consideration for loyal users of the previous series.

Well, the users of the Land of the White Elephant can get the opportunity to enjoy it first. As for the country, there is no information about his presence.

New Features New Honda Wave 110i 2022

First on the front, the company gives the headlamp a touch of a more modern LED. As for the speedometer, they use an LCD that looks digital.

This provides much clearer and more detailed information that helps the rider. As for security, Honda added a Key Shutter.

New Features New Honda Wave 110i 2022

A switch like this one is easy for key locking and security. So that when using and parking it anywhere, it will be clearly safe.

This series has a much larger trunk even with a capacity of up to 10 liters. If this is the case, people will be more comfortable with motorbikes. Even the New Honda Wave 110i 2022 seems easy and practical.

Engine Specification

In the engine, Honda uses a Smart Engine 4 stroke, 10 cc, and 4 speed circular gears. When using it, the driver will be more efficient because the fuel consumption can reach 76.9 km/liter.

One full charge, we can buy up to 5 liters. Obviously more efficient but still comfortable when driving because of other advanced new features.

As for the disc brakes, Honda uses it on the front. Then for the back, they use drum brakes.

The new Honda Wave 110i 2022 is targeting young users. After 13 consecutive years of high sales, the renewal of this series is clearly the main attraction for Thai and Indonesian users who have used Revo until now.

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