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Lie Detector Card Trick

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Lie Detector Card Trick


Hello reader, you will learn many awesome card tricks just be patient and have a willing mind of learning. The first trick you will learn is lie detector card trick followed by card trick from famous magician up to how to detect a lie.

Lets get started, shall we.

Lie Detector Card Trick

How do you do lie detector card trick? Take your deck of cards and ask the viewer to choose a card. When they look at their card, they get a small break at the top of the bottom card. Trim around the middle of the cap while maintaining your pink gap. Let the viewer put his card in a pile without breaking his little finger. (Your card will not be face up.)

Put the cover with the pink stand on top, keeping the rest. Put the little finger back and start to cut the cards on top. Keep cutting cards until your little finger is at the top. As soon as you reach the little finger, put the rest of the letters on top. Show that your card is not top or bottom. (Your card is second from top)

 Get a pink break on top of the two lower cards. Say that you are going to show them three cards, and you want them to say that this is for each of the cards. Swing cut off the top half of the cards, while maintaining a pink pause. Show the first card on the stack without breaking the little finger, when they say “all”, let’s say that you don’t believe them.

Then put this letter face down on the table. Do the same with the second card, but before placing it on the table, put two cards of the small box on top. Now you put a new top card on the table. Then show the next card and place it on the table, saying that you do not believe them. Now take the package on the left and place it on the package on the right.

Now take two cards, but make them look like one. This is called double height. Suppose I think this is your card. Then turn over two cards and place the first card in a different place on the table. Place the remaining cards, now collect three cards one by one and say that you do not think that this is your card. (Lift the last, last). Tell me what you think the rest of the letter is your letter. After lie detector card trick, learn card tricks from real magicians.

Card Tricks – From A Magician

This magician’s turn-based card trick from Broadway

step 1

Take any of the 15 cards from the regular deck. Do not use pranksters. Divide your 15 cards into three piles of five. Put each card face down.

step 2

Choose one of the batteries by holding the cards face down and shuffling them. Put this pile in front of you. This will be your pile.

step 3

Choose another deck of five cards and shuffle them, holding them face down. When you want, stop shuffling and hold the cards face down in your left hand. With your right hand, take a few cards from the deck in your left hand. (You should now have several cards in your right hand.) Look at the front of the lower deck in your right hand. Remember this card.

step 4

Place the cards in your right hand on top of your pile, a stack in front of you. Shuffle the remaining cards in your left hand, and then place them on top of the deck.

step 5

Collect the last group of five cards and, holding them face down, mix them up. When you’re done, place these cards at the top of your pile. You should now have a stack of cards.

step 6

Come up with a single number from one to nine. You will use this number to shuffle the cards. Collect all the letters. Take the top card and place it on the table. This is number 1. If someone was your number, stop there. If not, hand out the next letter. This is number 2. If your number was two, stop there. Otherwise, hand out the cards until you reach the selected number.

step 7

Now that you have handed out the number you were thinking about, throw the remaining cards of your left hand into the pile of the table. Think about it: you shuffled the cards. You chose a letter, then continued shuffling it. Then you thought about the number and used that number to keep mixing. I can’t find out where your card is. But I do.

step 8

Pick up the entire pile and place nine cards one by one on the table in a pile. You have six cards left in your hand. Turn these cards upside down. I know that your card is not there! So leave these six cards aside. You don’t need them anymore. Remember: you shuffled and chose a card.

You thought about the number from one to nine. He chose a card and chose a number. How can I, Helder, find out your card? Pick up a bunch on the table. Begin to hand out cards face down and, when dealt, count out loud until you reach the number you previously thought about. Keep this card in your hand, but don’t turn it over!

step 9

Think again about what happened, about the elements of chance that I presented. Now flip the card. This is your card, which is in your room!

A Million Card Tricks

Hello! I am Nathan, and on this channel you can learn card tricks of any skill level!

My interest in card magic began no earlier than 2015, and over the past year I have learned countless tricks with maps on various YouTube channels.

In this channel you will find many tutorials targeted at all skill levels: you can learn basic tricks for beginners that you can learn in just a few minutes, slightly more complex intermediate tricks using some of the card games that you will need for training, and also advanced tricks. cards for experienced magicians who will require you to spend more time with practice, learning the techniques used, and in some cases you will need to be able to handle the audience to divert your attention.

In addition to all this, you will also learn the tricks of the cards that you can learn in any card trick: false shuffles and cutbacks, card controls and much more.

It doesn’t matter if you have no experience or you are an experienced magician! The only thing that matters is that I want to teach my knowledge to the world!

Card tricks for beginners

If you are just starting to practice magic, be sure to look for simple card tricks that do not require a lot of practice, practical games or previous experience.

In the tutorial videos below, you will find some of the simple simple card tricks you can find!

These tricks are suitable for all beginners, they usually do not require or have very few hands, and some of them even work independently.

Nathan from AMillionCardTricks Channel is known for its high-quality study guides and detailed explanations that will make your learning very easy, fast and fun.

Just take your deck of cards and start learning today!

Advanced Lie Detector Card Trick

Hello! I am Nathan, and on this channel you can learn card tricks of any skill level!

My interest in card magic began no earlier than 2015, and over the past year I have learned countless tricks with maps on various YouTube channels.

It doesn’t matter if you have no experience or you are an experienced magician! The only thing that matters is that I want to teach my knowledge to the world!

Learn more – tricky card tricks

Advanced card tricks are perfect for you if you already know all the basics: if you master card games such as doubling or counting Elmsley, if you know how to manage cards, how to shuffle your deck, if you know how to divert attention from the deck. audience, and if you know how to control viewers.

These tricks will certainly require practice before performing them in front of a real audience, but the training videos below are made with attention to detail and are easy to understand and understand.

Playing Card Tricks

Want to make a quick impression? Do you want to learn more than lie detector card trick? Win a bet among friends? Trying to revive the game at night? It is not necessary to be a teacher in order to know some good card tricks, so we have compiled a list of five simple tricks that you can do immediately after reading. Just take your favorite deck of cards and get ready to surprise yourself.

Amazing aces

The viewer takes a pack of cards and divides them into four piles. When the negotiation process ends, the ace is at the top of each stack.

Explanation: Before starting a trick, secretly remove four aces and place them on the bottom of the cap. Offer a deck to your viewer and ask him to split the cards into four piles, one at a time. Although it does not matter if your volunteer hands out several cards sequentially in the same stack, it is important that the last four cards (aces) are dealt separately in each of the stacks. A useful idea to achieve this goal is to say “really think about where you draw each card” when the volunteer approaches the bottom of the deck. If this is not convenient for you, simply ask the viewer to take the cards one by one into four piles. When the play sequence is finished, ask them to rotate the top card of each deck to show that they have found four aces.

How To Detect A Lie

1. Start asking neutral questions.

Lie detector card trick is not enough to detect a lie from another person. By asking someone simple and non-threatening questions, you can observe the basic answer. Ask them about the weather, their plans for the weekend or something that causes a normal and comfortable reaction. When they answer, watch their body language and eye movement; You want to know how they act when they tell the truth. Do they change their position? Looking one way or the other? Or do I see you dead for the eyes? Make sure you ask enough questions to follow the pattern.

2. Find a hot spot.

Moving from neutral territory to “recumbent”, you will be able to observe a change in body language, facial expressions, eye movements and sentence structure. All of them give different subconscious clues when they tell lies, so it is important to maintain a normal baseline before entering the area of ​​lies.

3. Observe body language.

Liars often push their bodies inside when they lie to feel less and less visible. Many people become restless and sometimes hide their hands in order to unknowingly hide restless fingers. You can also watch with a shrug.

4. Observe micro facial expressions.

People often reveal lies in facial expressions, but some of these facial expressions are subtle and difficult to detect. Some people change their complexion to light pink, others break their nostrils slightly, bite their lips, sweat lightly or blink quickly. Each of these changes in facial expression means an increase in brain activity at the beginning of a lie.

5. Listen to the tone, cadence and sentence structures.

Often, when a person lies, he slightly changes the tone and frequency of his speech. They may begin to speak faster or slower and with a higher or lower tone. Often the sentences they use become more complex as their brains speed up to keep up with their history.

How To Tell If Someone Is Lying About Cheating

Please note that only one or two characters in the list may not mean that the partner is necessarily guilty, since all relationships undergo changes, but “if you have three or four, you have a problem,” he told us.

However, according to Martin, one of the most important signs that you should not ignore is intuition, because people usually can always tell when the essential being is not 100% sincere.

Changing habits

Leaving early from home and returning late.

Business trips

Lack of vacation or family activities.

Excessive overtime

Inexplicable expense

Secret Accounts (Instagram, Email)

Hidden Credit Cards

Additional toilet

The fragrance of another person (typical lipstick on the neck).

Buy gifts you have not seen.

Inexplicable articles: Condoms in the car – this is a gift.

Join the gym

Missed calls from an unknown number

Coded or secret text messages

Less sex

Evasive or protective attitude.

Obvious lie

Itching or bad temper

I hate unexpected visits (your unexpected arrival may arrive at the wrong time for cheats)

Even if the partner does not show any typical signs, his feelings may infect something.

Now, in the age of technology, Martin told us that most people can confirm their fears for themselves and are no longer dependent on investigation by private investigators.

“The game has changed a lot,” said Martin. “And technology is 100 percent reason.”

According to Martin, the signals are still the same, but to catch someone now is as easy as picking up the phone or logging into your iCloud account.

According to him, after another significant runaway of a telephone call occurred at night or a text message was hidden, people “catch them.”

Thank you for reading up to the end. I am very sure you have learned lie detector card trick, card tricks from magicians, million card tricks and how to detect a lie.

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