Kawasaki Z Special 50th Anniversary Edition Details

Kawasaki Z Special 50th Anniversary Edition Details

The Kawasaki Z 50th Anniversary Edition will be released for the Japanese market early next month. As for Europe, it is reportedly present this spring. His appearance also managed to steal attention.

This vehicle brand that is quite famous in the country has a trendy design. Now it brings back the 1972 edition to commemorate this time from the adaptation of the Z650, Z900, Z650 RS, and Z900 RS series.

Hence, the Z series this time will be stronger with a few touches of the present for its distinction.

The model does have a resemblance that we can compare in terms of physical. But the mechanics certainly have a difference and they even put the logo mark for the 50th edition on the tank.

Latest Review of Kawasaki Z 50th Anniversary Edition

It seems that this edition is serious enough to present a model that we can consider. The reason is, when we look at the model, it tends towards retro than before.

The touch details on the leather seat and the fine stitching. In addition, there is a special logo written Z 50th on the tank to be a direct differentiator.

The addition of a Double Overhead Camshaft with DOHC is also a concern. Special details like this are what they specialize in this series.

The original paint use was Candy Diamond Brown. This is to produce a design that looks elegant, but still thick with retro.

Combine Multiple Previous Series

Like the adaptation of the previous 2018 edition of the Z900 RS, they provide similar tuck and roll seats. It’s just, this time they give the texture and grab the rail to the focal point.

As for the canvas that uses the Firecracker Red livery, it belongs to the Z1100 GP series.

In addition, the colors used are more concentrated although still in the same direction, more impressively retro, and vintage at the same time.

The fuel and fenders are still the same as the previous edition. The similarity of this version is like an adaptation and incorporation of some important elements.

Therefore, it is not surprising that you consider the series this time. Buy one motorcycle, but will get included from several legendary series to date.


As it has been confirmed to the public that this time they will only come to the Japanese market and then continue to Europe.

But they are already estimating the price range that will be bumped on the Kawasaki Z 50th Anniversary Edition vehicle this time.

Reportedly the nominal price is $ 9,249 or Rp 123 million. You can enjoy this latest special and charming series.

Therefore, the Kawasaki Z 50th Anniversary Edition is the world’s attention to certain considerations. Like following the momentum of 50 years along with the incorporation of special features in particular.

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