How to Fix a Shaky Rear Tire and Know the Cause

How to Fix a Shaky Rear Tire and Know the Cause

How to fix a rocking rear tire on a motorcycle is important you know. Because, if we leave it like that when driving will not feel comfortable.

Even worse, if it is not repaired immediately it can cause an accident.

Especially on the type of automatic motor, because the rear tire that has been rocking can occur for several reasons. One of the reasons why the rear tires of the motorcycle have started to sway is due to the age of the vehicle.

The Easiest Way to Fix Shaky Rear Tires, Must Know!

Various types of motorbikes will certainly have damage that sometimes makes users feel annoyed. Whether it’s minor damage or serious damage, we must always take care of it so that it lasts longer.

For example, we often encounter the problem of wobbling tires on two-wheeled vehicles, especially on automatic motorcycles.

You should not take this for granted and trivial, because the tires will also be directly related to the speed of the motor.

That means that the owners or users of motorcycles must always check the condition of the engine mounting. So this engine mounting is useful for bearings, connectors, and engine vibration dampers.

Wheel Bearing

How to fix a wobbly rear tire and if the cause is the wheel bearing, then you must first know this component. Because the wheel bearings on these two-wheeled vehicles play a very important role in driving a motorcycle.

First, make sure the bearing is ready to be installed. Then remove the nut with a wrench and then pull the AC on the rim. Open the rubber cover and insert a screwdriver into the hole then after removing the old bearing you can immediately replace it with the new one.

The way to install it is to just hit the edges and then put the rubber cover and bosh back on that you removed. Lastly, don’t forget to stretch the canvas and put the motorcycle tires in the starting position.

Motorcycle Rims Repair

To find out how to fix a rocking rear tire, you can also check and repair motorcycle wheels. Because damage to the motorcycle wheels can also be the cause of why the tires sway.

For the first step you need to open the tires and motorcycle wheels first, then take two wooden blocks. Well, on one block of wood to block and the other block to hit it.

If the wheels are original, then you have to heat them first so that they are easy to straighten. This is considering that the original wheels are indeed very hard.

If you have, then hit the dented motorcycle wheel with a wooden block until it is straight again. After straight, you can immediately re-install the wheels and motorcycle tires to their original position.

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