Honda NS125LA 2022 Uses Pre-Order System in China

Honda NS125LA 2022

Honda NS125LA 2022 is predicted to be an automatic motorbike with a retro concept that competes with other types in its class. Being present in the Chinese market makes it more and more considered by the world.

In these years, it seems that automatic scooters are becoming a dream to be a mainstay. Several well-known brands release the latest series, which compete with each other to show their attractiveness.

Of course, it is an advantage for users who are fans of vehicles like this. In addition, they also consider the use of vehicles that are not only capable of engine performance, but also their design.

Vehicles have recently become one of the supporting styles for people with various needs. No wonder so many people are considering this.

Honda NS125LA 2022 Use Pre-Order System

It’s very interesting to discuss this latest vehicle. Because Honda released it for the Taiwan market and uses a pre-order system.

They released the design and specifications first to the public. After that, if you want to buy it, you have to follow the pre-order period.

Usually, most people will get a vehicle by buying it directly, right? While in this latest vehicle we need to wait for the manufacturing process.

The Honda NS125LA 2022 automatic scooter has only the Chinese market class for now. There is no further information on whether it will soon enter the country. So that it can compete with automatic scooters that have been present first.

Use of Automatic Retro Concept

This time they adopted a retro concept that is very clear in its overall shape and design. If we look at the headlamp area, it is rounded to the front of the shield.

While the motor body is also more rounded like a Vespa in general. A round shape like this confirms that their concept does use this look.

The 2022 Honda NS125LA adds a circular headlight shape to the top center front. For the back, they use a U shape that has its own charm for people who pay attention to it.

The taillights have two different colored right and left lights. It seems to have used the type of LED lights that are technologically modern.

Advanced Features

It was revealed that the speedometer has used advanced features. In the form of a full digital display that makes it easy for users.

Meanwhile, the additional USB charger on the inside of the gloves box will help users charge their cellphones easily. For safety, they offer CBS brakes and Smart Key.

The price tag for this automatic vespa is around Rp. 26 million. Therefore, those of you who are interested in using it can wait for the continuation of the arrival of this series to the country.

Honda NS125LA 2022 is an attractive offer for automatic scooters in the country. This product is no less interesting for us to compare with its class. Moreover, this pre-order system makes vehicles more exclusive because they are limited in number. 

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