Honda Goldwing 2022 Presents Advanced Specifications and Features Released in Europe

Honda Goldwing 2022

Honda Goldwing 2022 is officially out as the latest series. Some of the interesting features that are present this time have quite sophisticated technology.

Although they still have some similarities to the 2018 series, this year they look even tougher.

On Honda’s official website, they tell about this new product. While maintaining safety and quality as always, Powersports users are interested to find out more.

It looks like a modern vehicle and has a large body. But this is precisely where the attraction of its users to consider this vehicle.

If you are interested in a large vehicle like this, you can consider it. So that later it will be clear how the vehicle is transformed.

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Honda Goldwing 2022 Series Released in European Market

This two-wheeled vehicle made its debut in the European market first. Users from this continent can taste it for the first time for its latest specifications.

Many have discussed the specifications and it is much more interesting. But not infrequently people consider how the latest look they bring.

Let’s discuss how the specifications they bring this time. So that the 2022 Honda Goldwing can be your next consideration.

Complete Specifications

Honda Goldwing 2022 Complete Specifications

Using an engine that has 6 cylinders in line with the square. For power, they use 1,833 cc, 125 power, and 5,500 rp. As for the torque it produces 170 Nm and 4,500 rpm.

This vehicle uses a 7-speed DCT engine for its transmission. As for the dual-clutch, Honda can provide electronic regulation and displacement that has hydraulics in Riding Mode.

The 2022 Honda Goldwing has a comfortable clutch to assist with shifting. So there is no pounding that makes you feel uncomfortable.

In the first shift clutch, they use gear sizes 1, 3, 5, and 7. Meanwhile, gear settings 2, 4, and 6 are the options for linkage. So that the transfer feels smooth and comfortable.

Comes With 4 Riding Modes

When discussing vehicles for driving like this, it will be narrowed down to the Honda Goldwing 2022 riding mode section.

Well, this time Honda presents four modes that users can choose to drive comfortably. Starting from rain, tour, sport, and econ.

Some of the conditions that we are going through can easily adjust the mode. Later we will even feel the security and safety while driving.

They also offer Walking and Reverse modes that we can set on the left handlebar. Dual brakes or D CBS along with HSA or Hill Start Assist are the newest features.

As for advanced electronic features, they offer Bluetooth, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and Smart Key. Honda Goldwing 2022 is the best choice for driving today.

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