Honda Giorno 2022 Comes with a Cuter and More Fuel Efficient Design

Honda Giorno 2022 Comes with a Cuter and More Fuel Efficient Design

Honda Giorno 2022 is one of the newest scooters to steal the show. This motorbike is the latest series that is similar to Scoopy but seems more mini and classic.

But the specifications on this two-wheeled vehicle managed to attract automatic scooter lovers. The reason is the new model of features that are brought in considering their performance.

Therefore, there are many things that are glancing at the latest motorbike which we are going to talk about it. Even the news about the presence of this vehicle has spread to the public and the media.

It seems that this one company pays attention to market tastes. Therefore they took a design that is not much different from the previous motor scooter.

Honda Giorno 2022 design

When it was revealed that Japan presented several new colors on this motorcycle manufacturer. Starting from Virgin Beige, Summer Pink, Matte Armored Green Metallic, Pearl Deep Mud Gray, and Blue.

The photo of this vehicle released and circulated to the public made many people fail to focus. The reason is that when we look at the design, it is similar to Scoopy but is more simple, it looks cute.

Its size is also slimmer and smaller, it managed to make click amazed. It seems that a motorbike like this will be suitable for users, especially young people.

There is a bit of an impression like the Vespa design but more towards Scoopy. This Giorno measures 1,650 mm long, 670 mm wide, and 1,035 mm long. The body of this vehicle is still suitable for daily activities.

Complete Specifications Honda Giorno 2022

Although it seems mini and smaller, this latest vehicle can accommodate 4.5 liters of fuel. Using the AF74E single-cylinder engine, the OHC 4 is not water-cooled.

Using an injection engine that supplies fuel. Now they can produce a maximum torque of 4.1 Nm and 6,000 Rpm.

The presence of this one vehicle is predicted for January 20, 2022. Not only are some of the specifications we discussed, but this vehicle will tend to be economical.

The fuel will be more efficient than the previous series. The reason is the engine already uses injection which is clearly more efficient in providing technology like this.

Price tag

They give a tag on this latest series ranging from 17 to 19 million. Of course, the price is cheaper than Scoopy.

One of the interesting things is this motorbike provides storage of up to 20 liters. So that we can store large objects, even helmets.

Like Scoopy, Honda’s latest series will also provide storage on the front and securely closed. When you are active in urban areas, you will be more fortunate because you can overtake left and right in traffic jams.

The latest news about the emergence of several new color versions managed to steal the attention. However, the certainty of attending other than in Japan is uncertain.

This 2022 Honda Giorno seems if it comes to the country it will be the new prima donna. In addition to the design, the specifications can support daily activities. Especially for young people, the design can support a trendy and contemporary appearance. 

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