Honda CRF450R features and specification

Honda CRF450R 50th Edition is a special edition motorcycle from a Japanese manufacturer.

It does not feel that at this time Honda has even joined their Motocross event for 50 years.

To enliven it, they issued a new motorcycle which is the CRF450R. Because to celebrate an anniversary, this product is also a special edition.

What are the changes to this special edition Honda CRF450R?

Honda Launches Honda CRF450R 50 Year Edition

Honda is a Japanese manufacturer that always makes various product innovations. Apparently, Honda has now reached their 50th anniversary in the motocross event.

In order to celebrate the anniversary, Honda released their product in the motocross sector, namely the Honda CRF450R.

Of course, this bike is a special edition. In this special edition, the Honda CRF450R will get quite a striking change to the engine.

This Japanese motorcycle manufacturer will make modifications to the intake, valve timing, Electronic Control Unit (ECU) settings, and also the motorcycle’s throttle body.

The shape of the intake port on this trail bike will be narrower with the intake funnel being quite long.

The diameter of the throttle body of the Honda CRF450R will be made smaller, which is only about 44 mm to maximize smooth power with torque which the company claims have increased by up to 10 percent.

In addition, the rear suspension of the Honda CRF450R will also get increase, especially on the springs.

While the front suspension will also receive improvements to the accompanying settings so that the front tire grip is better.

Motor Design Change

In addition to the engine, the Honda CRF450R 50th Edition this year will also experience changes in the design.

For the exhaust, the CRG450R is made of aluminum to reduce the level of height.

This dirt bike will use tires size 80/100 R21 at the front and also 120/80 R19 for the rear.

Not only that, the changes are also very visible in the seats. This special edition CRF350R has blue upholstery.

The motorcycle body will have a red color with white accents, metallic gray on the triple champ, and also a gold bandage on the rim and handlebar so that it still looks elegant.

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary

Honda released this CRF450R dirt bike to celebrate their anniversary of participating in the motocross sector.

Honda started this sector with the release of the CR250M Elsinore motorcycle in 1973. Half a century has passed, Honda’s glory has until now been continued by the CRF450.

Of course, this Honda CRF450R motorbike is only for use on tracks and circuits.

In fact, this motorbike is also a mainstay of MotoGP racers during practice. Currently, the Honda CRF450R 50 Year Edition is getting updates on the model and engine that make the motorcycle perform better.

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