Honda Biz 110i – Check out the Specifications and Design!

Honda Biz 110i - Check out the Specifications and Design!

Honda Biz 110i has been released with a design that makes users more comfortable. This time they give a claim as a motorcycle today.

Present originally from the Japanese market, they provide an update that is much different from the original motorcycle in the country. You must be familiar with two-wheeled vehicles like this.

Therefore, it would be better if you pay attention to this latest vehicle. The price is still affordable.

Therefore, this Honda series has several favorable considerations. So, let’s discuss it in more detail.

Complete Specifications of Honda Biz 110i

First, we will discuss how the specifications are complete. For the type, they use OHC with 4 cylinders and air conditioning.

Furthermore, there is a displacement of 109.1 cc. So it has a maximum power of 8.3 hp for 7,250 rpm. Meanwhile, the maximum torque reaches 0.89 kgf at 5,500 rpm.

Fuel this time using gasoline. Capable of accommodating up to 5.1 liters of fuel and 1 liter of engine oil.

This makes it able to drive for long distances because it has qualified specifications.

The chassis available for the front and rear suspension is quite tough. That’s why the engine in Honda’s two-wheeled vehicles has always been excellent.

In terms of technology

They provide increasingly advanced and interesting technology. Because they provide more attractive semi-automatic shifts. In addition, there is a 12V Socket technology.

Then there is an electronic injection that can make users more comfortable. In this vehicle, there is a technology that is much more convenient.

Therefore, this one motor will be more victorious for use in urban areas. So there will not be too serious a problem for something like this.

So, if you are looking for the latest in terms of engine specifications and technology, you can consider this.

Don’t worry and hesitate to use the latest Honda series, which was already present in Brazil.

Design side

When using this vehicle, you can make sure the design is trendy. They provide several color variants that seem edgy.

Starting from metallic silver, white, red, and black. So, just adjust it to your own taste.

This vehicle also features a cool seat design. Since it looks thicker and softer, it would be better for adult users to consider it.

The Honda Biz 110i is priced at approximately 51,000 baht or around Rp. 22 million. Honda has always provided excellent performance and is economical in terms of fuel consumption. So, don’t let it pass you by.

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