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10 Hidden iPhone Features You Don’t Know

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10 Hidden iPhone Features You Don’t Know


Do you agree that iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones? According to a research by US statistics, above 43% of smartphone users in the United States uses an iPhone.  And the number is rising every year. Still, many iPhone users don’t know some of the wonderful features of this device.

How fun will it be if you know the top ten of these features? You will be able to do amazing things that can make your life easier. Well, in this post you will learn how to use these feature.

The number one on the list…


You don’t have to look at the screen of your phone to know who is calling you. Sure, a simple ringtone to specific contact would do that. What if the phone is in silent mode, or you want to know the caller by just feeling the vibration of the phone? Don’t worry, your iPhone can do more than that.

Try this out by picking a contact on your phone. Look at the top right corner of the phone and tap the Edit button. Can you see the ringtone section? Under it is the vibration section. Tap Vibration and see the amazing list of vibration patterns you can use for the contact.

You can also customize your own pattern. Just go to the end of the list. Let’s move to the second on the list.



iMessage allows quick response to a missed call. Not each calls you see that you will pick. You might be in a meeting or doing other things and you don’t want to take the phone with you. In situations like that iMessage comes very handy. The phone will automatically send a message to the caller the reason why you didn’t pick the call.

So how can you set this on your phone? Stay with me.

There are two simple ways to use iMessage depending on the iOS version. The first one is obvious, you will see a message icon on the screen when your phone rings. Tap on the icon and you will see a list of quick messages you can send. The second way, swipe upward when the phone is ringing and see all the messages.

These messages can only be 3. However, you can customize these 3 messages to suit what you want. When you swipe the screen or tap the message icon, you will see the default 3 messages and an option to customize. That isn’t always the best time to customize so, I would advise you to customize the messages when you don’t have a call.

Go to the settings of the phone. Tap Phone then Respond With Message. The customize as you like. It is as quick as that.



If you use your phone to make videos often, you would have seen some moment that is worth taking the picture. Right? I have been there.  Your iPhone can do that with a tap of a button. So how can you do that? Tap the shutter button while you are making the video. This button is located beside the video button.


I won’t lie to you. The quality might not be as good as that of a picture that you took directly. But it is still good. The reason being that it’s the camera’s sensor that took the picture. Give it a try and see how it looks before you judge.

The next feature is my favorite.



There are some instances where we all need some private moment in our lives. In such moment, distractions are the last thing you would want. Similar to such moments is when you need good concentration for what you are doing. Just like when driving. Your iPhone can come to your rescue. The Do Not Disturb feature has been around for some time. A new addition to this feature is Do Not Disturb While Driving.

Quickly activate this feature by going to settings > Do Not Disturb > Do Not Disturb While Driving. And from there you will see 3 options for do not disturb while driving, Automatic, with car Bluetooth and Manually. I would recommend you try each option before you finally decide on the one you will be using. Go back to the Do Not Disturb page and customize the automated messages.

Here comes the number 5.



This depends on how close you are to where you can charge the battery of your phone. If you are at home and there is the availability of power supply, I don’t think you need this. But I would advise you to try it out. And most importantly, if you will be needing your phone for a long time and you don’t have access to electrical power to charge the phone. You should use this iPhone feature to increase the life of your battery.

It will reduce the rate at which your phone consumes the power to the bare minimum. How does this happen? When you enable this feature your phone will turn off most of the apps, features, visual effects and lock the screen quickly. The behavior of your phone will be close to normal. The only difference is just that your battery will last longer.

Cool huh? Keep moving.



I enjoy playing cool music when I am about to sleep. I won’t be able to stop the music until the morning because I usually fall asleep while listening. This happens very often and I knew that it is affecting the phone’s battery. If you are like me that loves listening to music before you fall asleep but don’t want to shorten the lifespan of your battery, this feature has come to our rescue.

You just have to set how long you want the music to play. You try it. Open the Clock app. Set how long you want the music to play. Now, this is where the fun begins. Click on When Timer Ends. Go to the bottom of your screen and select Stop Playing. Tap the Start icon to begin the timer. And finally, play the music of your choice from the Music app. Enjoy.



One of the reasons iPhone is very popular is quality of its selfie. We like taking pictures every now and then. The most common way of taking a selfie is taping the shutter on the screen. If you may agree, that is an old fashion way. Your phone might shake while you tap the shutter. And this could affect how the selfie will appear. What if I show you a better way?

It is simple.

Use the volume button instead of tapping the shutter on the screen. Some people are aware of that. Something that is a little hidden is that you can use the volume on your earpiece or headphone to do the same. Your phone will not shake and you will get the best quality of the image.



How easy will it be if you can just listen to your phone speak to you? This can be very useful when you have a long message to read. Without any further ado. Let’s get to how you can enable this feature on your phone.

From Settings, tap General then Accessibility. Enable Speak and you are good to go. Long press on the text that you want to hear to bring out the Speak feature.

A quick tip. Try it now before you forget.




The old way of making the camera focus is by double tapping the screen. Aside from being old, you have to double tap again and again whenever you move the phone. That isn’t so cool. An easy way to bypass this is to long press on the camera screen until you see AF Locked. You can now move the phone wherever you like without losing focus.

Last but not the least.



I am a fan of note taking. I jot down an idea whenever it came to me. It is a good practice that I learned from my mum. As a human being, we have a short attention span. So notetaking can help you capture those wonderful ideas that come to your mind at unexpected times.

Do you say there is Note feature on iPhone so use it, why writing about it here? Sure. However, if you are an easy person just like me, you will know that your phone can get to the hands of someone you don’t to have a glimpse of your ideas.

That is the reason why you should secure your note. So how do you do it? Go to Settings > Notes > Password. You can use characters or ID lock.

And that ends the hidden features in iPhone. Which of this features you like most? Leave a comment below.


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