Hacker Typer Tricks: (THE BEST) Prank Games

You will believe me when I say hacker typer tricks are fun.

Especially if you are the pretending hacker.


Do you know that you can actually make this tricks look more real than what most of its users think?

Believe me…

…most people are not getting the best out of hacker typer tricks.

And that includes you.

So in this post, I am going to explain how you can get the most out of these tricks.

Not only that…

You will learn how these tricks really work. How you can do hacker typer tricks effectively. How you can get the most fun out of the tricks.

And you will read the experience I had when I tried the trick. This is my favorite part because it still makes me laugh till today whenever I remember that moment. I like to see these tricks as games or pranks to have fun with your loved ones.

So let’s dive right in.

1.How hacker typer tricks work.


Hacker typer tricks give so much fun.

You just go to the website and press F11 to bring the page to full screen. Then you start typing random buttons, after which you start getting the hacker type screen. Pretty fun.

This is a basic explanation of how hacker typer tricks work. However, you will read more in-depth how-to soon.

Now that you have gotten the basic idea of how the tricks work…

…let’s get to how you can do hacker typer tricks.

2. How To Do Hacker Typer Tricks Perfectly

So, how can you do these tricks?

Type geektyper.com on your browser. On the first page, basically the home page; you will see many themes. Select the one of your choice.

A bonus tip:

From my experience; the SCP theme is the best. Followed by the Black Mesa.

Anyways, click on the theme you like best and lets dive right into the fun.

Press F11 on your keyboard to put the browser in full screen mode.

You wouldn’t want your audience to see your taskbar…

…and other opened tabs on your browser.


Begin to type random keys on your keyboard.

And watch as the fun unfolds.

Here are the special keys and their results:

Press Enter key to display ACCESS DENIED message

Press Escape key for ACCESS GRANTED message

Press 1 to show DOWNLOADING box and start to download.

Press 2 for ENCRYTING.

Those are the tricks that I usually use…

…but you can try all the keys from 1 to 9. And UP/DOWN arrow keys for more pop ups.

Another bonus tip:

Don’t press two special key one after the other. You want to real as much as possible.

For example,

You start typing random keys as fast as you can, then you press the Enter key for Access Denied after which you continue with the random keys before you press another special key.

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Now that you know how to do the hacker typer tricks….

…. Take a look at what happened when I tried it.

3. What Happened When I Tried The Unblocked Hacker Typer Trick

This is a funny thing:

I will always admit it.

This is how it happened… …I was playing with these hacker typer tricks when my elder sister comes in.

I acted very seriously after noticing someone’s presence around me.

And by the way:

I highly encourage that.

So back to the story. My sister asked “what are you doing?”

Then the conversation went like this…

Sister: What is that you are doing I said!

Me: Nothing important Sis.

Sister: I hope at least it is not important.


Sister: ok.

Me: We have got 20 bags each with 4 million dollars… we got to leave here now.

Sister: Whhhhhaaaaaaaattttttttttt.

Me: (Still typing the random keys, then my sister came closer to me and looked at the keyboard…. waited for some moment then slap the back of my head)

Sister: You got nothing. You are just typing random buttons.

Me: (I am busted)

I still don’t know why the experience is still really funny to me till today.

Maybe because I got kicked out of it really quick, I still don’t know.


Never allow any of your audience/spectator to move too close to you.

That is my funny experience but I know a lot of people that has better experience than mine and I want to share with you how they did it.

so this is it:

4. How To Get The Most Fun Out Of Hackertyper Tricks

Before we dive right in:

There are many sites that does this trick. For example, we have geektyper, hackertyper and many more.

This is how to prank many people with the say hacker typer tricks…

… Go to a cyber café or Net café (or whatever it is called in your area). Sit where many people can see you.

Enter one of the unblocked hacker games sites above.

Switch to full screen mode with F11, and make sure everyone can see you.

Begin with the random keys followed by the access denied key, then type random key again before you follow it up with the access granted key. Repeat this process like three or four times.

Then shut the computer down and walk out.

Remember it is just a prank, quickly explain to anybody that wants to raise an alarm that you are criminal.

That basically sums up this post and I hope you’ve learn one or two things from here today.

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