200 Hidden Google Tricks You Must Try Right Now

Google trick

Here is a list of 200 Google tricks you must try. You will also learn about some of the benefits of search engines.

So let’s dive right in.

Google Tricks You Must Try ASAP

Do A Barrel Roll

The very first Google trick that comes to my mind is do a barrel roll.

The do a barrel roll trick is an idea in old Nintendo game where a wise old rabbit called Peppy tells the player to dodge an enemy’s fire by rolling 360 degrees.

How does this work in Google?

This trick will roll the results on Google page by 360 degrees.

You can do this trick by simply searching “do a barrel roll” alternatively, you can type z or r twice. In the game, z or r will do the stunt when pressed twice.

Blink HTML

I think this Google trick will make your friends laugh.

Search “Blink HTML” in Google and watch as the two words start to blink on every result link on the Google result page. It is one of my favorite.


Google Is Word Master

When you look for the meaning of a word, do you know that Google explains the meaning of the word?

No, not the dictionary definition.

For example, when you search for the word “recursion”, the meaning is repeating the application of a procedure.

Or something along that line.

Google intentionally asks “Did you mean: recursion”? If you click on recursion, the same question will be asked again and that sequence continues until Goggle asks you “You Get It?”

Smart Google repeats the application of your quarry to explain the meaning of recursion to you.

The same thing happens to some other words too.

See this example:

Anagram is the word used to describe a word that is formed from the arrangement of the letters in another word.

Take this as an example: You can form iceman from cinema.

So when you search for anagram, Google helps in explaining the word to you by asking “Did you mean: nag a ram”? aside showing the dictionary meaning.

Nag a ram is gotten from anagram.

Atari Breakout

There are many games you can play on Google by simply searching for some words.

However, …

Atari breakout is unique. Why?

It only works in Google Images. The game is like the old brick buster game. Search “Atari breakout” on Google and click on the images button to play the game.

Google gives you a share link for the game after playing it.

Share the link with your friends to let them take part in the fun too.

Search Image Instead Of Words

This is one of the serious Google tricks that you should keep in mind.

Have you ever found yourself in the situation where you don’t know the word to search in Google and you need an answer?

You can use Google image search instead.

Google allows you to search an image to look for other places where the image appears online and to get more info about it.

Just take the picture and upload it.

The link is images.google.com. it is similar to the regular Google page but this one has a camera link to upload your image.

It allows text too but the search will lead to Google images page.

You can read more from Google itself here.

Gravity Trick

Can you withstand seeing your Google result crash?

I bet you’ll say yes. Then let’s do it.

Got to google.com, I mean the exact homepage where you put your search quarry at the center of the screen.

Then type “Google gravity” and click the I’m feeling lucky button.

Watch as the whole result falls.

Zerg Rush

Google trick

I see people do this trick and after the laughter and fun, when they are asked ‘what exactly is a Zerg’?

“I dunno” is always the reply.

To me, that too is pretty funny. It will be cool to show some more swagger and explain your tricks to the audience after the fun.

What’s Zerg?

Zergs are alien race in the Starcraft game. So when you search for “zerg rush” you will see insect-like bubbles pop on the page and they start killing the results one by one.

You can cancel the display by clicking on Clear at the right side of the screen.

Now let’s pause the Google tricks for a minute.

Do you know the best trick you can do on any search engine? It is to know their benefits and earn from them.

Because what’s the use of any trick if it doesn’t bring any money into your pocket.

Some people like only tricks though, I just don’t agree with that.

Money speaks.

Benefits of Google and Other Search Engines

Let’s take a short break on Google tricks and talk a bit on the benefits of search engines because there is more good in that.

Do you know that there are more than 625 million websites on the internet? Imagine for a moment that there is no Google or any other search engines, how would you search for information on the internet?

“You’ll be looking at one site after another?”

That will be time-consuming and stressful.

Search engines help us pick out the websites that have the right answer to our quarries.

This is possible because Google and the likes have the catalog of most of the pages on almost all the websites online.

So when you search for something, the search engine will just deep into its catalog and find the page that is relevant to your search.

So how does Google benefits us?

It Saves Us Time

Can you imagine the amount of time it will take you to go through the list of websites on the net manually?

Websites are many online.  In terms of saving time, search engines do three 3 things:

They go through all the site on the internet for you, compares the results and ranks them according to their relevance to what you search and all of that are done it less than a second most of the time.

What else do search engines provide?

Allows Advance Search Queries

Search engines allow you to refine the result you get by using some advanced search queries.

These queries are sophisticated but very flexible for you – the search engine user.

Let’s take for example you want to search for an exact phrase on Google. Just put the phrase or word in quotes like this:” PCMOMENT” and you will get the relevant pages.

Or maybe you only need to search the phrase in a particular website, use “computer site:www.bikecargotrailer.com”.

Helps You Make Money

Aside from the fact that Google and other search engines help save money by giving everybody free service, except if you are doing paid advertisement with them…

Search engines are ready to pay you by displaying ads on your site.

Isn’t that awesome?

I know some search engines that request for money before you will be allowed to use their service.

Imagine if that is how Google works and think of students and job seekers looking for info on how to advance in their careers, how tough will that be knowing the fact these people have limited means?

But most search engines don’t do that instead they allow you to earn from what you already know.

With that, I’ll conclude this amazing post on the Google trick you must try and search engine benefits.

I hope you enjoyed it just like how I enjoyed sharing it with you.

Bye, and God bless you.

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