75 Amazing Computer Shortcuts

There are many amazing computer shortcuts and here at PC Moment, we are happy to bring you the best.

Before we dive into the shortcuts, …

I believe it will be interesting if you quickly see the reasons why you should be using them.

You can imagine reading about amazing computer shortcuts and practice them for a few days.


Use one or two to impress your colleagues then stop using them.

That is not very good.

These shortcuts are meant to be used all the time and you should make most of them your daily routine.

So to fully understand the usefulness of these shortcuts, I intend to share with you some of the benefits of using them in the first place.

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Why You Should Be Using Computer Shortcuts

Shortcuts Improve Productivity

The first thing that comes to mind is productivity because it is the first benefit you will notice whenever you try any of the shortcuts.

You will get the work done easier and in a short time.

For example:

You want to save this webpage for offline use, you can easily use Ctrl + S command to complete the task instead of dragging your mouse to the top of the page and start looking for the Save button or link.

So shortcuts efficiently increase your productivity.

Shortcuts Cuts Multitasking

I used cuts in the subheading to make the heading sound cool. I hope it does 🙂

However, it portrays the point.

Do you know that you multitask yourself when using a mouse?

You don’t.

I don’t blame you, most people don’t know either. But I want you to know today.

When using a mouse, you have to know what you want to do (Task 1), drag the cursor (Task 2) and watch the movement of the mouse (Task 3).

Shortcuts help get rid of those sets of tasks and even do the work in a blink of an eye.

Multitasking is stressful.

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Computer Shortcuts

Shortcuts Improve Your Health

Repetitive Syndrome Injury is known as RSI is usually caused by long-time usage of the computer mouse.

I’ll run to an action if it will improve my health. I don’t know about you.

Reduce the amount of time you spend using the mouse.

Although both mouse and keyboard cause RSI but the effect is very high in the usage of a mouse.

I toollllllllld you (:

Shortcuts Improve Precision

The people that use text editor will be quick to relate to this.

How easy is it to bold a text using Ctrl B compared to clicking the B at top of the page?

You might think that clicking on the B at the top of the page is a minor thing…

But what if you want to bold 20 different texts in the document and each is apart?

Now you see how it builds up.

All the benefits shared on this page doesn’t mean you should break your mouse and use only the keyboard.


You just have to put them into consideration and take the amazing computer shortcuts you are about to read tools to be used every day.

Amazing Computer Shortcuts

A Quick Insight:

One: Shortcuts usually contain the Alt key, Ctrl key, Shift key, and Tab key. All of these are used in a Windows system, i.e. computers that are compatible with IBM.

The above keys are similar in Apple computers except for the Alt key that is replaced by Command Key.

Two: Almost all computer shortcuts start with any of the keys in one then followed by a plus sign (+), and another key. you will press and hold the first key while you press the other keys.

Take for example Alt + Enter, you will press and hold the Alt key while you press the Enter key.

Three: You can see a shortcut to any task in most application if you press the Alt key. This is very common in Microsoft Word. When you press Alt, some letters will appear on the menus and when you press any of the letters on the keyboard, you will execute the command to open the menu and the subsequent letters to access the sub-menu will appear.

Four: Some shortcuts are universal for most applications on the computer. You will notice that you can use Ctrl + S in almost all applications on your computer. There few shortcuts like that.

So now let’s dive right into the meat of this article.

Basic Computer Shortcuts

Remember that you have to make these shortcuts a part of your day to day tool. And a good way to achieve that is to memorize as much as you need or you write them down to use at any time you need to.

The more you use the shortcuts, the more they become part of you.


This computer shortcut displays the help page of the active application on your computer.

We all need help at one time or the other when using an application. This is one of the universal shortcuts I was talking about in the fourth insight above.


This one is used to rename a file after it’s been selected.


F5 is used to refresh a page or window. For example, press the F5 key on your computer to refresh the page now.

Alt + F4

This is the shortcut that closes any active window. If you press it when no window is active or after you have closed all windows, the computer will ask if you want to shut down.

Alt + F

Opens the file menu of the active program.

Alt + Enter

I love this one. It opens the properties menu of any selected file. You know the properties you open after you right-click on a file and select its Properties.

That’s the shortcut.

Alt + E

This one gives you the edit options of the current program.

Alt + Tab

A shortcut that helps you switch between programs or windows.

Win + Tab 

This is the fine version of Alt + Tab. Instead of switching directly, Win + Tab will give a mini window that contains all the programs and windows that are open on your computer at that moment.

Ctrl + N

Open a new document when working in MS word or open a new window on a web browser.

Ctrl + A

Selects/highlights all the items on a page or window.

Ctrl + B

Use to Bold text. This one is simple. The other simple ones are as follows:

Ctrl + C

Shortcut that copy a selected file or text.

Ctrl + Ins

This performs the same function as Ctrl + C. Both are copiers. L

Ctrl + I

Italic any text.

Ctrl + U

Underlines any text.

Ctrl + F

Do you want to find something out from a document or page? This is the shortcut that does that.

Ctrl + O

Open a document or file in the current software.

Ctrl + X

Use to cut a selected item or text.

Shift + Del

Same as Ctrl + X, the two are cutters 🙂

Ctrl + V 

Use to paste after you have copied a file or doc.

Shift + Ins           

Paste. Same as Ctrl V.

Ctrl + Y 

Redo last the last action.

Ctrl + Z 

Use to undo last the action.

Ctrl + K 

Insert hyperlink for the selected text.

Ctrl + Shift + N

Use it to create and rename a new folder.

Ctrl + P 

Print the current page or document.


Goes to the beginning of the current line.

Win + E

Use to open the windows explorer.

Ctrl + Home      

Goes to the beginning of the document.


Goes to the end of the current line.

Win + Arrow keys

Maybe you use a large computer screen, this shortcut will swap the windows you have available to the screen depending on the arrow key you used.

Ctrl + End           

Goes to the end of the document.

Shift + Home    

Shortcut to highlight from current position to beginning of the line.

Shift + End         

Shortcut to highlight from the current position to end of the line.

Prt Sc

Use to print the screen.

Alt Prt Sc

Shortcut that prints on the active window

Ctrl + Left arrow              

Use to move one word to the left at a time.

Ctrl + Right arrow           

Moves one word to the right at a time.

Ctrl + Esc

Opens the Start menu.

Ctrl + Shift + Esc               

Opens Windows Task Manager.

Computer Shortcuts for Special Characters

The obvious special characters are the ones on the numbers keys right below the F1-F12 keys.

But what if you want the shortcut keys for ß or ™, how will you do it?

Read on to discover how.

Alt+0176 ° (degree symbol)

Alt+0177 ± (plus/minus symbol)

Alt+0153 ™

Alt+0169 ©

Alt+0174 ®

Alt+0128 € (Euro currency)

Alt+0162 ¢ (Cent symbol)

Alt+0163 £ (British Pound currency)

Alt+0165 ¥ (Japanese Yen currency)

Alt+0224 à

Alt+0232 è

Alt+0236 ì

Alt+0242 ò

Alt+0241 ñ

Alt+0228 ä

Alt+0246 ö

Alt+0252 ü

Alt+0248 ø

Alt+0223 ß

Alt+0198 Æ

Alt+0231 ç

Alt+0191 ¿

Computer Shortcuts

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