Characteristics of Lost Motor Compression and Some Causes to Know

Characteristics of Lost Motor Compression and Some Causes to Know

You need to know the characteristics of a loss of compression motor so that in the future you can repair it yourself without asking for help. However, the cause of the motor can lose compression does not seem to need to make you so panicked.

Indeed, this symptom is a little confusing, because the ignition is still there, but the motor even breaks down.

So how to return it? Is this dangerous? Listen!

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Characteristics of Lost Compression Motors that are Very Important for You to Know

Compression in the motor is an event when the pressure in the combustion chamber occurs because there is a movement of the piston from bottom to top.

Compression will occur when the intake valve is open, so it will make the piston move downwards. This is due to crank rotation.

At the same time, the piston will suck the gas mixture of air and fuel.

Furthermore, when the piston rises to the top of the intake valve closes, there will be high compression in the engine combustion chamber.

So that a high level of compression will make the fuel oil flammable and will produce great power.

Then the level of compression in the engine also affects power. But what about the symptoms of missing compression?

Characteristic features

One of the characteristics of a motor that is lost in compression is that we often encounter a kick-starter motor that has no power when we swing it. Maybe there really is power, so the kick starter can kick it back up.

Furthermore, when the motor kicks in the starter, then you will not feel more burden. In fact, there is no pressure on the inside.

Usually if the motor has lost compression, then the most basic thing to happen is the vehicle will suddenly break down. But this can also happen even though the ignition is still good.

What are the Causes and How to Overcome Them?

After knowing some of the characteristics of the motor lost compression, it is important for you to know what are the causes. Loss of compression in two-wheeled vehicles like this can occur due to several things.

One of them is the piston rings that have started to wear out, it makes the pressure to compress the fuel mixture decrease. If something like this has happened, then you can fix it by opening the spark plug.

After that, drop a little oil that is still in good condition into the spark plug hole. Next, try the kick starter while closing the spark plug hole using your finger.

Do this at least 5 times the kick starter. So that after the kick starter has returned to having pressure, then immediately install the spark plug again. Then run the motor as usual.

If there is a little smoke that comes out, this is due to the oil that was added earlier. You don’t have to worry, because it will go away on its own.

You now know some of the characteristics of a loss of compression motor along with the causes and how to overcome them. If you can’t handle it yourself, you can take it to a repair shop.

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