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Category Archives: Tubus

Tubus Tara Replacement Arm

Tubus Tara Replacement Arm please check to see if you need right or left. Sold as a single replacement arm.

Tubus FAT Rear Rack

Tubus has done it… the wait is over! Finally a Tubus rack designed specifically for FAT bikes.

Tubus Logo Evo Rear Rack

The Tubus Logo Evo is the perfect rack for bike setups requiring extra heel clearance (Short Chain stays / Large Size Shoes). The Logos utilize a lower mounting point which improves center

Tubus Pannierloops

These Pannierloops are intended to mount to the bottom of the Tubus Tara or the Tubus Duo and provide a hook location for panniers that use a bungee + J hook for

Tubus Minimal QL3

Designed for the new Ortlieb QL3 hook system. A minimalist carrier with mounting points for all QL3 products from Ortlieb – an ingenious combination.

Tubus Evo Mounting Hardware

Need replacement mounting hardware for your Tubus Logo or Cargo? This kit has all the fixing hardware supplied in the original packing tube.

Tubus Front Kickstand for Lowrider

Stabilize your front wheel from tilting under the weight of your front rack. This height-adjustable kickstand is compatible with Tubus Tara, Ergo, Duo, and Nova Front Racks.

Tubus Fly Evo Rear Rack

The lightest in the Tubus lineup for the weight-conscious cyclist and those looking for a minimalistic, lightweight rear carrier. 408 gr total weight. V-shaped design for the lowest profile possible.

Tubus Vega Evo Rear Rack

The Tubus Vega rear rack is a low-profile rear carrier. An extremely minimalist approach to carriers, it has no lower side-tubes. The Tubus Vega rear rack can be mounted to a bicycle

Tubus Cargo Evo Rear Rack

If you’ve been searching for a seriously heavy-duty rear rack, look no further than the Tubus Cargo. The flagship of Tubus racks, the Cargo comes in two sizes: 26″, which fits most

Tubus Round Stay Clamp

The Tubus Round Stay Clamp Set is a replacement clamp for Tubus round stays. The clamp attaches one round stay to the frame of your carrier, and the round stay attaches to

Tubus Mounting Set Cargo/Cosmo/Logo/Vega

This product is a replacement mounting set for the following Tubus racks: Cargo, Cosmo, Logo, and Vega.

Tubus Fly Rear Rack-Stainless

An excellent choice for the weight-conscious cyclist and those looking for a minimalistic, lightweight rear carrier. 436 grams total weight. V-shaped design for the lowest profile possible.

Tubus/Racktime Rack Straps

The Tubus/Racktime Rack Strap is meant to attach your load to the top of your carrier. The elastic strap provides safety and security for any size load. The strap is divided into

Tubus Roundstays

Roundstays are used to attach your Tubus Rear Rack to the seat stays for support and stability. Five different lengths available, with no offset (straight) or offsets of 5mm, 8mm, 12mm, or

Tubus Roundstay Offset-Fly or Luna

The Offset Round stay attaches to your existing round stay to give you the option to connect the Fly to your bikes existing seat stay eyelets. See picture for visual explanation. (Round

Tubus Spacer Disc for Rear Racks

These spacers are used on rear racks to bump out the rack away from the frame to give room for many other parts that might need it. They are sold individually so

Tubus Spring Clamp for Cargo

The Spring Clamp for the Tubus Cargo rear rack is great for small flat items that don’t weigh a lot. The Clamp attaches at the back of the Cargo at the eyelets

Tubus Mudgard Bracket

The Mud Guard Bracket is used to help secure a rear fender. The bracket attaches to any Tubus rear rack that has a tail lamp attachment plate. The Mud Guard will work

Tubus Antiscratch Set

The Antiscratch set is used to place between metal on metal contacts so the vibration or sliding doesn’t scratch off the paint or finish of your bike or rack.