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Category Archives: Salsa

Salsa Alternator Rear Rack

Strong and stable. Strength, light weight, and the ideal weight distribution on your Salsa bike. Available in Standard for all Salsa 135mm-spaced frames and Wide for 170mm-spaced frames.

Salsa Down Under HD Front Rack

The Down Under HD Rack is the recommended lowrider for world touring. Sturdy and dependable, the steel construction lends itself well to field repairs should a worst-case scenario occur.

Salsa Anything Cage HD with Salsa Straps

The Anything Cage HD is an unconventional bicycle rack that creates a flexible carrying system for attaching lightweight gear or larger bottles of water to the bicycle, allowing for an expanded range

Salsa Anything Cage Bag

The wait is over! Salsa has finally answered requests of all adventure cyclist that have the Anything cages. The Anything bag is the perfect addition for your Anything Cages!

Salsa Lower Mount Kit for Alternator Rack

Salsa Lower Mount Kit for Alternator Rack. This is a replacement set. The Alternator Rack comes with all necessary mounting hardware.

Salsa Anything Cage Straps

Strap your items to the Salsa Anything Cage. Sold in pairs. Available in 500mm-, 750mm-, or 1250mm (20, 30, or 50 inches). Choose desired length when you choose your options.

Salsa Wanderlust HD Rear Rack

The Salsa Wanderlust HD rack is a more robust and modified version of the Wanderlust rear rack with more setback for panniers and a weight capacity of 55lbs/25kgs.

Salsa Rack-Lock Seatpost Clamp

A seatpost collar with two threaded eyelets for attaching a rear bike rack. For bikes with no rack-mount eyelets at the top of the rear triangle. In Black or Silver for 30mm,

Salsa Post-Lock Rack Mount

A seatpost mount with two threaded eyelets for attaching a rear bike rack. (Not a seatpost collar.) Positioned along the exposed portion of a seatpost. Available for 27.2mm and 31.6mm seatposts.

Salsa Anything Cage

An extra large bottle cage for more than just bottles. Strap in other small cylindrical items. Great for “bikepacking” gear. Attaches to bike frame or forks on select models of Salsa brand

Salsa Down Under Front Rack

A low-rider front rack that keeps your center of gravity down where it should be. Can be used with wide wheels. Aluminum construction and powder coating mean light weight, no rust, or

Salsa Wanderlust Rear Rack

The Wanderlust is a light and durable rear rack with an extra long deck. Constructed from light and durable tubular aluminum alloy, with extra long struts for mounting a wide variety of