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Category Archives: Racktime

Racktime Boxit Rack-Top Cargo Trunk

The perfect around town basket available in small (13.5 liters) and large (18 liters) combine that with the ease of the Racktime Snapit system and you have the perfect around town basket

Racktime Handleit Handlebar Bag

Stylish and yet stable, the Handleit is Racktime’s new front bike basket

Racktime Black Box Rack Top Bag

Racktime’s all new Black Box may be exactly what you are looking for. With the integrated SnapIt adapter it fits securely to your Racktime rack.

Racktime Shoulderit Front Handlebar Bag

The Racktime Shoulderit Front is a small stylish shoulder bag that attaches to your the handlebar of a bike.

Racktime Baskit Willow Bike Basket

The Racktime Baskit Willow is a convenient shopping basket that integrates perfectly with Racktime racks and is made to look like it is made from natural materials.

Racktime Baskit Trunk Bike Basket

The Racktime Baskit Trunk is a convenient shopping basket that integrates perfectly with Racktime racks and attaches lengthwise with the bike.

Racktime Side One Commuter Pannier

Side One is a new urban horizontal shoulder bag that features the ORTLIEB QL3 mounting system. As the mounting elements are fixed to the rack, the bag’s back remains clean and uncluttered

Racktime Side Two Commuter Pannier

Side Two is the vertical counterpart to Side One. Thanks to the ORTLIEB QL3 mounting system the mounting components remain on the bike and the bag’s back stays clean and flat. The

Racktime Shoulderit Pannier

Need one bag for every occasion? This one will shoulder the burden! For women cyclists on the go, the SHOULDERit is both attractive shoulder-bag and bike pannier. Cute, functional and ready for

Racktime Buyit Shopping Pannier

Shopping by Bike The Racktime Buyit shopping pannier is the ultimate shopping bag that attaches to a bicycle. Running errands by bicycle never looked so good. The large, main zippered compartment of

Racktime Workit Pro Commuter Pannier

Workit Pro is both an office bag and a pannier, compatible with all standard racks. Comfortable to carry over your shoulder. An integrated rain cover protects your documents and valuables.

Racktime Baskit Bike Basket

Versatile Shopping Basket The Racktime Baskit is an innovative solution to shopping with a metal bike basket. Not only is the Baskit convenient and easy-to-use, it looks great too. The Baskit mounts

Racktime Topit Front Rack

Lowrider Front Rack The Racktime Topit is a sturdy and functional front bike rack. The Topit is a great front rack for commuting around town or light touring. The Topit front rack

Racktime Shopit Rack-Top Bag

A generous soft-sided shopping basket and rack trunk, with duffel-style carrying handles and a drawcord closure. Carry groceries and more. Lightweight and flexible. Looks great on and off your bike.

Racktime Qubeit Rack-Top Bag

The Qubeit is a fun multifunctional bike bag that can be mounted to a front or rear-rack. A shoulder for when it’s not on your bike. Carry 18 liters of cargo or

Racktime Workit Classic Commuter Pannier

The Racktime Workit is the ultimate urban commuter pannier for a person on-the-go. Carry a laptop, books, lunch and extra clothes back and forth to work. Two main compartments. Two outer pockets.

Racktime Workit Light Commuter Pannier

Workit light is a compact office bag with integrated ORTLIEB QL2 mounting system. Comfortable to carry over your shoulder. Features a carrying handle to carry it easily like a regular briefcase.

Racktime Addit Rear Rack

The Racktime Addit is a heavy-duty, functional rear bike rack that works great for hauling loads around town or going on a short bike tour. The Addit was the winner of the

Racktime Foldit Rear Rack

Affordable, Folding Bike Rack The Racktime Foldit is a convenient and affordable folding rear bike rack. The Foldit rear rack is great for running errands around town or for short bike tours.

Racktime Clampit Spring Clamp

Keep loose items such as jackets, sweaters, or even purses secured to any Racktime bike rack with the Racktime Clampit. The Clampit attaches without tools to your Racktime bike rack, and the