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Bike Cargo Trailers

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Category Archives: Pedro Tools

Pedro’s Bike Tool Multi-Tool Tulio Quick Release Skewer

The Tlio Q/R Skewer Multi-Tool replaces standard 130mm and 135mm rear quick release skewers and provides an integrated 8-function sub-60 gram multi-tool.

Pedro’s Bike Tool Tire Levers

Not just a tire lever, but the GRANDDADDY of all tire levers,yes, you need a pair!

Pedro’s Bike Tool ICM Multi-Tool

The Pedro’s ICM Multi-Tool is like having a tool box full of tools featuring every essential tool you need to repair your bike out on the trail and get home safely.

Pedro’s Bike Tool L Torx 7 piece Set

Pedro’s torx wrenches also feature extra length for better leverage and easy access and handling of hard-to-reach bolts. The set includes all the sizes you need, in convenient holder, all backed by

Pedro’s Bike Tool Cable Puller Fourth Hand Tool

One of the most overlooked tools, the cable puller will make your life so much easier.

Pedro’s Bike Tool Hex Pedal/Crank Wrench 8mm, Hex Driver with Handle

The Pedro’s 8mm Hex Driver is great for getting leverage to remove cranky cranks and pedals.

Pedro’s Bike Tool Hex Pedal Wrench 6mm, Hex Driver With Handle

The Pedro’s 6mm Hex Driver is great for getting leverage to remove cranky cranks and pedals.

Pedro’s Bike Tool Starter Tool Kit

The Starter Tool Kit is designed for the aspiring mechanic looking to get started with the right tools and room to grow.