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OMM Rack Fit Kits

Old Man Mountain Fit Kits for Racks

OMM Pioneer Rear Rack 26″ Grey

Go the distance — even if it’s just a short distance. The Pioneer is the largest, toughest, rear rack Old Man Mountain has ever created.

OMM Black Rock Rear Rack

A hybrid of the Sherpa and White Rock, the Black Rock is designed specifically for road bikes or 26 in. mountain bikes with no eyelets. It comes with a quick release for

OMM Sherpa Fat Bike Racks

A Rear Sherpa frame 1 in. wider to handle the oversize tires of today’s fatbikes. We have many configurations for different fatbikes, rear and front. Check the product list for your model.

OMM Pioneer Rear Rack

The largest, toughest, rear rack Old Man Mountain has ever created. Made with 6061T6 Aluminum, larger .5″ diameter tubing. Dark gray textured powdercoat finish. Oversized for hauling,

OMM Pioneer Front Rack

If you’re going off-road, meet the perfect front rack for both suspension and rigid forks. Larger and stronger than any other Old Man Mountain front rack with 6061T6 aluminum and thicker tubing.

OMM Extra Long Extenders

Extra Long Extenders The Old Man Mountain extenders are used on all of the rear racks: Cold Springs, Sherpa, Red Rock and White Rock. The extenders connect between these racks upper mounting

OMM Quick Release and Thru Axle for Axle Mount Racks

Replacement Skewer or Thru Axle. Lose your original OMM Rear Quick Release, or would you like a spare?

OMM Ultimate Lowrider Rack

Low Rack, High Quality The Ultimate LowRider rack from Old Man Mountain allows for great handling from the low mounting points and will fit most any fork, including suspension forks. The Ultimate

OMM White Rock Rear Rack

Affordable Commuter Rack The OMM White Rock Rear rack is an economical rack which maintains the high quality of the Old Man Mountain brand. This rack mounts using the dropout eyelets and

OMM Sherpa Rear Rack

Traverse Tough Trails The OMM Sherpa Rear Rack is great for off-road touring. This rack is compatible with rear suspension and carries a hefty 40 lbs. The Sherpa is a more sleek

OMM Band Clamps

The Old Man Mountain Band Clamps are used to mount both OMM Front Racks and OMM Rear Racks on bikes that don’t have V/cantilever brake bosses. Many newer bike frames and forks

OMM Angle Bracket

The OMM Angle Brackets are used for mounting OMM racks and attaching the extenders to the V/Cantilever brakes. On bikes with disc brakes that also have V/Cantilever brakes bosses on the frame

OMM Sherpa Front Rack

Traverse Rough Terrain The OMM Sherpa front rack is great for off-road touring. This rack is compatible with suspension forks and carries a hefty 40 lbs. If you don’t have mid fork