Bike Cargo Trailers

Bike Cargo Trailers

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Bicycle Bags & Racks

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Extrawheel Voyager Upper Rack

Add a rack-top bag or a rack-pack to your Extrawheel Voyager. Now you can add up to 11 pounds of cargo on this low-profile rack designed just for the Voyager. Sized Bags

Extrawheel Bike Trailer Solid Axle Nuts

Extrawheel Nuts The Extrawheel Nuts allow you to use the Extrawheel Trailers with bicycles which have a solid axle and utilize nuts instead of a quick release. The Extrawheel Trailers do include

Extrawheel Bike Trailer Quick Release

Extrawheel Quick Release The Extrawheel Quick Release is the standard attachment system for the Extrawheel Voyager and is included with all of the Extrawheel trailers. This quick release will fit all standard

Extrawheel Voyager Bike Trailer

Single-Wheeling Trailer! Now Available for 29ers! The Extrawheel Voyager is an incredible, light and agile single wheel trailer design.

ExtraWheel Advert Bike Trailer

Advert-ize. The Extrawheel Advert Trailer is a great way to bike around and advertise your favorite business, artwork, or congressman. With enough space to fit a 29.5″ x 41″ poster or advertisement,

Extrawheel Voyager Trailer Wheel Tire & Tube

Damaged your Extrawheel Voyager’s wheel? Well don’t worry, we have replacement wheels to the rescue. We offer both 26″ and 700c replacement wheels, tires, and tubes to replace your lost, stolen or

Extrawheel Bike Trailer Fastening Fork

Extrawheel Fork is now available in 29er size! We carry the full range of forks for Extrawheel. If you need a replacement or you already have an Extrawheel and want to use