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Category Archives: Cygolite

Cygolite Dart 100 USB

Don’t be caught in the dark as the seasons change! Carry the compact and powerful Dart 100 and make your late evening commute bright again.

Cygolite Dart 100 Headlight and Hotshot Micro Tail Light Set

The perfect light set for the daily commuter. Great daytime modes keep you safe while you still have enough power see at night.

Cygolite Hotrod USB 50 Rechargeable Taillight

Slim and streamline the Hotrod 50 unleashes a powerful 50 lumens of radiant wide coverage right behind your seatpost.

CygoLite 7.6 Volt 2 Amp Smart Rapid Charger

Additional or replacement 7.6 Volt 2 Amp Smart Rapid Charger for the Cygolite Trion, TridenX Series TridenX 750 Xtra and Centauri Rechargeable Headlights.

Cygolite Locktite Handlebar Bracket for Expilion, Metro, Streak, Pace

2nd generation Locktite tool-free handlebar bracket mount for Expilion, Metro, Streak, and Pace systems. Compatible with 22 to 32mm diameter handlebars.

Cygolite Flexible Versatite mount for Dash and Hotshot Micro

Replacement/Spare mount for the Dash 320 and Hotshot Micro

Cygolite 5 Volt Li-Ion Charger with Cable for Dash and Hotshot Micro

Replacement/Spare Charger and removable MICRO USB cable for Dash and Hotshot Micro.

CygoLite 2′ MICRO USB charging cable for Dash and Hotshot Micro

Replacement/Spare 2′ MICRO USB Charging Cable for Dash and Hotshot Micro

Cygolite Streak 310 USB Rechargable Headlight

The Streak 310 brings versatility in its smallest form yet. This USB rechargeable lighting system offers a powerful 310 lumen output for commuters and avid road riders with advanced features like 24/7

Cygolite Metro 400 / Hotshot 2W Rechargable Light Set

Get Motorists to notice you riding along with a Powerful 400 lumens in the front and a powerful 2 watt red LED light in the rear.

Cygolite Dash 350 Headlight and Hotshot Micro 30 Taillight Set

Designed and packaged for the commuter, the set is probably the best of all worlds for forward illumination, attention getting, and rear visibility

Cygolite Streak 310 / Hotshot SL 2W Light Set

The Cygolite Streak 310 and Hotshot 2W SL combo light set is one of the most powerful Headlight and Taillight rechargeable combo light set available.

Cygolite Hotshot Micro 30 USB Rechargeable Tail Light

The Cygolite Hotshot Micro 30 USB Rechargeable is the newest version of the Hotshot rear flashing lights.

Cygolite Dash 350 USB Rechargable Headlight

The Cygolite Dash 350 is a new hybrid headlight with 350 lumens of light for forward lighting and 2 watts of forward pointing attention grabbing lights

Cygolite Expilion 850 USB Rechargable Headlight

The CygoLite Expilion is brighter than ever with 850 lumens of class leading brightness. The refined fusion of aluminum alloy and durable plastic ensures a powerful lighting system in a compact design.

Cygolite Metro 550 USB Rechargable Headlight

The CygoLite Metro 550 USB is designed for demanding roads and riders. This 5 watt LED lights up to 550 Lumens and comes with the 24/7 safety technology.

Cygolite Metro 400 USB Rechargable Headlight

The CygoLite Metro 400 USB is one the of best affordable headlights on the market today with the added bonus of Cygolite’s 24/7 Safety Technology which includes SteadyPulse and DayLighting modes to

CygoLite TridenX 1100 OSP Rechargeable Headlight

Ultra-bright — brighter than a car’s low-beam headlight. Battery lasts 1:40 on the brightest setting. 3 LEDs shine with up to 1100 lumens. Light head mounts to your bike handlebars or to

CygoLite Oversize O-ring Handlebar Attachments for Turbo Mini

Additional or replacement o-rings for mounting a Cygolite Turbo Mini 400 & 330 Rechargeable Headlight to oversize (31.8 mm and 25.4 mm) handlebars. Includes one of each size.

CygoLite Rack Mount Bracket for Hotshot

Mount your Cygolite Hotshot Tail Light to your rear rack instead of to your seatpost with this bracket. Fits racks with one centered mounting hole, or with two holes spaced 50mm apart.