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Category Archives: Carradice

Carradice Original Standard Sport

The Carradice Original Standard Sports gives you more room for bags or any cargo you may need to bring with you.

Carradice Originals Kendal Panniers

A classically designed pannier from Carradice specifically made for the most demanding bike tourist and commuters. This 32 liter pannier can be used on the front or rear racks and combines function

Carradice Super C Shopper Pannier

This versatile roll top bag is the perfect choice for the daily commute or for the adventure trip.

Carradice Originals Barley Saddlebag

The Carradice Barley saddlebag is the most popular saddle bag in the Carradice line. The 9 liter main compartment is well suited for carrying everyday commuter items.

Carradice Bagman Quick Release Clamp

The Quick Release Clamp from the Bagman is being offered on its own for saddles without loops as an alternative to the standard saddlebag clamp.

Carradice Originals Zipped Roll Saddlebag

The Carradice Originals Zipped Roll Is a perfectly compressed saddle bag for any cyclist but don’t let the compact style fool you, this Zipped Roll will carry all your essentials you’ll need

Carradice Original Quick Release Sport

The Carradice Original Quick Release Sport gives you more room for your bags or extra support for your saddle bag.

Carradice Super C Rear Panniers

The Super C rear panniers are your solution if you need capacity! At 54 liters for the pair you may be able to bring the kitchen sink.

Carradice Super C Universal Front Panniers

The Super C is a great multipurpose pannier that can be used up front or in the rear. At 28 liters for the pair, it is perfect for that lighter trip or

Carradice Super C Saddlebag

If you need a lot of junk in your trunk… the Super C Saddlebag is the bag for you! With 23 liters of capacity, and two large external pockets your options are

Carradice Super C Handlebar Bag with Klickfix

Over 5 liters of storage right at your fingertips! The Super C Handlebar bag is the perfect companion for the daily commute or the long tour.

Carradice Super C Audax Saddlebag

Little brother of the Super C Saddle bag, This is the Audax! With enough space to hold a change of clothes, wet weather gear and a basic took kit/tube, this is the

Carradice Super C Maxi Stuff Sack

The Carradice Super C Maxi Stuff Sack is a great complement for racktop cargo hauling of softer, packable items. At a cavernous 30L volume, it can easily swallow up bulky items.

Carradice Super C Recumbent Panniers

The Carradice Super C Recumbent Panniers are one the the best recumbent panniers available. the massive 63 liter capacity allows you to bring all the gear you need and then some. Bringing

Carradice Super C Rackbag

The Carradice Super C Rackbag is at home on your rack or over your shoulder. It easily straps onto most any rack and maintains its shape with reinforced sides.

Carradice Super C Saddlepack

Not the bag for your 14 pounds S-Works, but if you need big saddlebag the Super C Saddlepack has 8 liters (488 cubic inches)!

Carradice Super C SQR Tour Saddlebag

The Carradice Super C SQR Tour is the “Big Bopper” of saddlebags. With a whopping 18 liter capacity, it can swallow a lunch, jacket, coffee mug and a change of clothes.

Carradice Super C SQR Slim

Perfect for the daily commuter or the seasoned tourer… so grab your SQR Slim and a cold one with Terry at Ragbai, you won’t regret it!

Carradice Super C Courier Bag

Made from amazing cotton duck, this “courier” bag has an internal document pocket, a highly reflective 3m Scotchlite tape strip and a waist strap to stop that annoying sway often times found

Carradice Super C A4 PANNIER

The Carradice Super C A4 Pannier is a quick clip pannier and shoulder bag all in one. Classic pannier footprint with ease of detachment and portability. Made of super tough cotton duck