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Category Archives: Birzman

Birzman Tools 3 Piece Screwdriver Set

The Birzman 3 Piece Screwdriver set have comfortable rubberized non slip grips to make sure you get the torque you need to get the job done.

Birzman Tools Feexman Aliuminum 5 Mini Tool

The Feexman multi-tool combination design idea comes from the feathers of a bird. Light-weight and engineered for maximum performance, this tool is an ideal quick repair kit to take along with you.

Birzman Tools Feexman Cicada 5 Mini Tool

The Birzman Feexman Cicada is the perfect multi tool to take with you on the road. It will fit almost anywhere, Jersey, Pack, Panniers….Bibs…. OK, maybe not your bib johns but you

Birzman Tools Damselfly Univeral Chain Tool

The Birzman Damselfly Universal is the rugged cousin that does just that: 3/32, 3/16, and 1/8 single speed. And, 9/10/11 speed too.

Birzman Tools External Bottom Bracket Wrench For Hollowtech

The Brizman Hollowetch 2 Bottom Bracket Wrench looks so good that you’ll want to find more jobs for it to do.

Birzman Tools Adjustable Wrench

Birzman makes pretty tools, however, this is just an adjustable wrench that preforms it duties as advertised. Nothing flashy, fully adjustable to 1.3″ a must have in any workshop

Birzman Tools Damselfly Chain Tool

Okay, the Birzman Damselfly Chain Tool is the prettiest chain tool you’ve ever seen. But, good looks is not enough. Its fit and feel make replacing or fixing your chain like going

Birzman Tools T-Bar Hex Wrench Set With Stand

The Birzman T-Bar Set gives you all the hex keys you will ever need and will look fantastic on your tool bench.

Birzman Tools E-Version 20 Function Mini Tool

The Birzman Feexman Aluminum 12 Mini Tool is the perfect tool with 15 different tools combinations

Birzman Tools 9-Piece Hex Key Set

Birzman 9-Piece Hex Key set is made from S2 steel. It has a well thought out holder with easy to read sizes, locking and rotating release features.