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Bike Cargo Trailers

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Category Archives: BionX

BionX Cord for Li-Mn Battery Charger

Power cord for most BionX battery chargers. Compatible with these BionX Systems: BionX PL 350 RR M, BionX PL 350 DT L, BionX PL 350 RR L, BionX PL 250 DT M.

BionX Torque Blocker

The BionX Torque Blocker is an axle washer that correctly orients the notch on the BionX axle. For BionX SL 350HT Electric Bike Conversion Kits only.

Bionx Communication Cable Extension

Supplement the communication cable of your PL 350HT or PL 250HT and other BionX kits. For bikes with unusual geometry or long cable runs, such as tandems, recumbents, and cargo bikes.

BionX Axle Washer

An M10 contact washer for the rear axle on BionX systems. BionX Part Number: 01-1854

BionX Battery Bolt

Battery case screw with cylindrical hexagonal head (M5x0.8×55) for BionX Electric Bike Kits. BionX Part Number: 01-1687

BionX Ultra Grip Torque Isolator

The BionX Ultra Grip Torque Isolator. Compatible with older BionX systems with the classic G1 motor: PL 350 HT L, PL 350 HT RR L, PL 350 HT RR M, and PL