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Beginner Balisong Tricks (TO ADVANCED)

PC TECH Tricks

Beginner Balisong Tricks (TO ADVANCED)


Hello and welcome to today’s tips and tricks where we discussed the best beginner balisong tricks.

The tricks might seem difficult, but we want to assure you that they are not.

You will find out in this post with video illustration.

Beginner Balisong Tricks

Beginner Balisong Tricks

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A broken liar will not be within the standard of ordinary eye communication. The creators of the NLP have established constants in the subject: according to them, in a normal conversation, the duration of the glances represents 60% of the total duration of the exchange. 33% are made up of mutual looks. This is the minimum to keep. In a waiting room, for example, where the interactions are not supposed to take place, the ratio goes to 1.2 to 12%. Sound management of the eye is not enough for the behavioral message to appear credible.

Beyond the management of your eyes, the communicative e ffi ciency will be reinforced by another technique used by NLP: synchronization.

To take two basic examples, if a person is smaller than you, you will tilt your bust towards her in order to address her. If she speaks low, you will listen. That is, you synchronize with each other. This can be verbal, behavioral, or cultural. In our case, the attenuation of the interrogator’s mistrust will be obtained by a progressive symmetry of his own body with his own. This is called in NLP, analog synchronization.

Without being skeptical of the other, practicing the e ff and mirror allows one to ener its natural vigilance. The mirror, to be calibrated, can begin by being indirect (an inverse reproduction, in a behavioral register di ff erent). For example, your

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contradictor shakes your leg, you will beat the same rhythm with another part of your body. Then, the direct mirror, once the preparation and the indirect calibration finished, is put in place, and you adopt the same posture as your interlocutor. The use of an adaptive behavior in the internal state of the other, by the use of a behavioral symmetry, allows, in situation of lie or in any other form of human communication, to reduce the defenses of the target , unconsciously.

Watch carefully the position of two lovers on a public bench, or in the restaurant: you will see them naturally in symmetry. Pay attention to how an individual on active availability (lawyer, doctor, psychiatrist) will position himself when you go to his office for a consultation. In many cases, they will perform this calibration without realizing it.

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Unmask inelegant liars

Now that you have certain principles that allow you to lie with the dignity you need, you need to find ways to detect and confuse those who have not bothered to do things to mystify you. In a dream society, there would be no lie. But society is made up of men, and most are rascals.

Constantly confronted with the most diverse requests and stimuli, each of us is exposed, at least once a day, to lies. Experiment, your result will be without appeal. As night falls, once you get home, in the quiet of your home, relax, close your eyes, mentally reconstruct the course of your day and do it

account by asking yourself a simple question:

“Today, how many times have I been lied to? ”

Avoid doing this daily experience, it would make you paranoid.

From the shopkeeper who tells you “not to have any more money”, to the boss who talks to you about “extremely urgent work”, to the friend who cancels an appointment “because he has a family impediment of last minute, and many other examples, you will, in a few hours, have been much more than a pair of times.

And, of course, when you turn on your television to get news of the world, you will be lied to as well. Unfortunately, more and more, the goal of the groups paying the journalists is economic: to reduce the time between the event and the time when it will be reported, in order to attract the audience and, in doing so, the pro fi t. “Opinion journalism” is gradually being transferred to the Web, while traditional “mass media” are practicing consumable information. In this system, one information chases the other, and the time left for the serene analysis of the reader or the viewer is reduced.

The journalist has become a daily historian, with less and less time for verifying information, as the immediacy of his di ff usion becomes crucial from an economic point of view. It is for this reason that so-called “hyper-local” information has a great future ahead of it. Closer to the citizens, the local journalist, via the net, informs the reader directly and guarantees him immediate and secure communication.

By ecology, it’s useless to waste paper taking illustration the many mistakes made by prestigious channels mistakenly taking videos gleaned on Youtube. I will return to a textual example, speaking.

In July 2004, all French television news broadcasts opened on this tragic news story about a young woman who said she was assaulted with her poor baby in the RER D by six young barbarians with a swastika on her stomach. Versailles, July 10, 2004 (AFP).

The assailants then fled, flipping the stroller, throwing the baby to the ground, and grabbing the victim’s bag. I reproduce here the whole of the AFP dispatch, let us appreciate together the use of the affirmative, and the surgical precision of the statement of the facts, dating only from the day before.

That’s reactive information:

Six men violently attacked, on Friday morning in the RER D, between Louvres and Sarcelles (Val-d’Oise), a young 23-year-old woman whom they thought was Jewish, before drawing swastikas on her stomach, a- we learned Saturday of police sources.

The six attackers, of Maghreb origin and armed with knives, cut the young woman’s hair, accompanied by her 13-month-old baby, then slashed her T-shirt and pants, before drawing three swastikas with black felt tip on his belly.

The six young men, who had boarded the train at the Louvres train station, had started by shoving the young mother, Then stole her backpack, which contained her identity papers.

When she saw that she had an address in the 16th arrondissement of Paris – where she no longer lives – they

would have inferred that she was Jewish, which is not the case, police sources said. “In the sixteenth there are Jews,” then released one of six men, before the group begins to attack the young woman, they said the same sources.

The attackers then fled by knocking over the stroller, knocking the baby to the ground, and taking away the victim’s bag which contained, in addition to his identity papers, his bank card and a sum of 200 euros.

The judicial police of Versailles (Yvelines) was seized of the case.

Magic of writing … By this simple dispatch, from a fact not proven, the journalist becomes a soul engineer. The event was one of the newspapers, many political figures hastened to proclaim their indignation, and even before the investigation was completed, the whole of France was legitimately in a state of agitation. The described facts transpiring of barbarism.

The day after this ignominy, Jacques Chirac and Dominique de Villepin publicly condemned what they designated as an antisemitic act (rightly, given the information they had) and thus provoked a real media-political cyclone. Then, the police discovered the following week that this runaway was the result of a simple isolated lie, and that this young woman with the fertile imagination, had invented the entirety of this sordid story.

This media avalanche based on a simple abolition is the subject of a documentary by Eric Découty and Vassili Silovic, who tried to analyze the flaws of a system that could lead to this process. One year before

this blunder, in his book The Media Nightmare, the journalist Daniel Schneidermann had warned the citizens and his profession of the weakness of contemporary critical journalism and the risk of manipulation to which he exposed himself.

In the preceding affair, the simple lie of an isolated person has provoked a media-political tornado in France for a week. If an abolition quickly discovered by the police can ef fi ciently lead to the blind belief of many journalists, yet professionals of information, what about the vulnerability of us, ordinary citizens, to a message? skewed?

When lies are organized by organs specially designed for this purpose, the consequences are sometimes more dramatic. In this sense, today no more military operation is undertaken without a prior legitimization operation. At the time of writing, a media company of this type is targeting the Islamic Republic of Iran. Good or bad is the motivation, the method, for now, continues. The victory of a war passes by the acceptance of its principle in the opinion. So the intoxication of the journalists and the conditioning of the public start upstream of a military intervention and continue naturally in a work of accompaniment of the information during the duration of the operation to continue to justify it and to erase any blunders.

Many of us remember Colin Powell, who produced, on February 5, 2003, “visual evidence” to legitimize the war in Iraq: the can.

Video screens where slides clips and photos supposed to demonstrate the

relevance of the US decision, documents and, apotheosis, the holding of a sample of anthrax, in order to chill the blood of all parties involved. Observe the posture carefully, it’s great art.

Concentrated gaze, facial expression of fear, reasonable distance to evoke the dangerousness of a product held at the fingertips … Majax would not have done better to present a cursed grimoire.

If Powell had been chosen by the US administration to go on a mission to the Security Council in order to justify the war in Iraq, it was because he unknowingly respected the basic rule I mentioned earlier in this report. chapter: he believed in these lies. Therefore, his behavioral code had few flaws. Today, a posteriori, and 1 000 000 deaths later, he recognizes that this speech tainted his political course. A block, a task, he replies to Barbara Walters when she questions him. ” It’s painful. Very painful today. ”

ABC News, September 8, 2005, reissued February 3, 2007: http: // abcnews. go.com/2020/Politics/story? id = 11059798zpage = 1.

To return to a more earthly scale, fortunately, the most of the little everyday lies we face are largely without serious consequences. But that does not prevent us from learning to thwart them.

Before turning to elements of methodology, I want to make a point: many mentalists think that there are fundamental differences between the feminine and masculine lie. I am not convinced of this and consider that the elements mentioned below are universal and apply to both sexes.

On the other hand, if there is a di ff erence between the man and the woman, in the management of the lie, the only one, which I have noticed with the time, is the following: the man is characterized in his lie cowardice and selfishness. The woman is more sincere in her dishonesty. His creation of emotions has more spontaneity.

I know everything, but I will not say anything

The basic principle in the management of a deception is similar to the technique of silence mentioned above: when the discovery of a lie becomes obvious, it is essential to avoid revealing the deception immediately. The purpose of an attack is to disarm the other. Emptying the weaknesses of one’s argument by recording them with serenity is a form of disarmament.

It will take some effort, but one must refrain from delivering one’s discovery. The best way to increase the impact of the final revelation is to continue the conversation, to try to extract the most information.

Because it is a fact that when one person is confused in his lie by another, the tone of the conversation changes, automatically. From that moment, obtaining additional information will become devilishly more difficult.

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