673 King Street Card Trick: 23 WONDERFUL Steps

Do you want to learn how to do the 673 king street card trick?

I bet you’ll say yes.

Anyways, you are at the right place. This site is full of tricks.

Imagine what it would look like if you could perform 673 king street card trick in the presence of your friends.

Go on just imagine it.

You will feel good. I have imagined that and I have experienced it too.

I can relate with how you feel.


If you stay with me till the end of this short post…

You learn all the secrets of 673 king street card trick and how you can perform the trick.

So, I wouldn’t want to prolong the intro anymore.

Let’s dive in asap.

The Beauty Of 673 King Street Card Trick

This is one of the card tricks that blow peoples mind.

I know that there are many awesome tricks out there but the 673 king street is special.

It takes a little while to learn, I will admit that however, the result of this trick will make you forget the little time it takes to learn it.

Starting from the story part – which is the part that takes a little time to learn – your audience will continue to love the whole process.

I hope you will enjoy the trick just like everybody does.

673 King Street Card Trick – How to Learn It


If you want to learn this awesome trick I will say it is important to learn the story first.

Make sure you understand the story properly before diving into the practice.

This will make the whole thing easier and you will be able to use the trick as you like no matter the audience.

By the way:

If you have not seen the trick before, please bear with me because I’m going to perform it shortly.


You can watch the video on this page to see how it is performed. But I suggest you continue reading because you will learn everything here.

Learn the story before you attempt to perform 673 king street card trick.

There are many versions of the story online but I use the best and most common one:

Which I will share with you.


673 king street card trick is a combination of story and correct placement of the cards.


The next thing to learn after the story is the order of the deck of cards.

673 King Street Card Trick Deck Order

Deck Order: S = Spades, H = Hearts, C = Clubs, D = Diamonds

QH, QD, QS, QC, JS, 6H, 7S, 3H, KS, 2D, 5C, 2H, 5D, JD, 7D, KH, 6C, 7H, 3C, KC, 6D, 7C, 3D, KD, 2C, 5H, 10S, 10H, 10C, 10D, JH, 4D, 4H, 8D, 8C, 8H, 4C, 9S, 9H, 9D, 9C, 8S, AS, AC, AH, AD, “What the Hell?”, JC, 2S, 3S, 4S, 5S, 6S


To make this trick easier to perform:

Take the bottom card and bend it a bit at one of its four corners: this is after setting up the deck of cards in order.

The reason why you should do that is this:

You want to recognize where the deck is cut. In other words, you want to know the bottom card when you shovel the deck. This bending of the tip will make you recognize the card by creating a little space between the deck.

With this, you can always pick the cards up from the space and know where the bottom card is.

To recap how to learn the 673 king street card trick:

Know the story first, arrange the deck of cards in the right order then give the bottom card little bend at a tip.

How to False Cut a Deck of Cards

There are many ways to false cut card but I will share the best three with you today.

Let us get down to it.


It takes a little practice to master. Just a little practice and you will get it.

This is how to false cut a deck of card:

Hold the deck of cards with both hands. Some fingers of the right hand will hold the top and bottom of the deck while the fingers of the left hand will hold the two sides of the deck.

Pick a chunk of the deck at the upper with you right hand and swiftly place the chunk on the left hand while you pass the lower chunk to the right.

Then you drop the part of the deck on your right hand on the table then you place the remaining deck on it.

It is simple but it can look difficult at first, it isn’t, watch the video if you try it few times and still don’t get it.


Divide the deck of card into three parts on you mind.

Cut the top part of the card to your left hand.

Follow it up with the middle part but don’t merge the two parts together:

Secretly use the ring finger on your left hand to dive the two parts of the deck.

Now pay attention:

Still on your left hand, use the last finger, the ring and middle finger to grab the top part of the deck and swing it on top of the middle deck.

Again, it is simple but it can look difficult at the beginning. Please watch the video to understand it all.


This is the simplest but you can’t be using only one false cut technique.

So, you have to master the first two in addition to this.

Here it is:

Divide the deck into two parts in your mind.

Take the bottom part with your right hand and use it to hit the end of the other part, then drop it on the table.

Place the other part on it.

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How To Make A Blank Card

It is simple:

Grab a piece of card from your hold deck of cards and erase the content of the card.

I must admit that it takes a while though.

You will need blank card when performing card tricks.

In this 673 king street card trick you will need a card that has ‘What The Hell’ written on it.

You just erase the old card and write the words on it.

673 king street card trick

How to Start 673 King Street Card Trick

At the beginning of the trick:

Give the spectator the freedom to cut the card wherever they want.

They should just pick some cards from the deck, pick another group and place it on the first group they picked.

Although this is required, you can skip it if you are not comfortable. You don’t have to.

This is where the bending of the card comes into the picture.

You will always know the bottom you want no matter where the spectator cut the card to.

This is important:

The spectator will only cut the deck once then you should do the last cut.

With that, you are ready to begin.

How to Do 673 King Street Card Trick

All you will do is go through the deck order and make it sound like a nice story.

If you follow the deck of card given above:

  1. It starts with two red head queens.
  2. Then after that you should cut the deck falsely (please read how it done above).
  3. Follow it up with two brunets.
  4. You false cut the card again.
  5. Now you will introduce yourself using a name that starts with J – like Jones. In that same time, you drop the J card.
  6. Then you say ‘Jones seem like a nice guy, 673 king street is where the poker game is’ drop the 6, 7, 3 cards.
  7. Drop card 2 and 5 while you say ‘they said $25’
  8. ‘I said what, they said $25’ drop the next 2 and 5 card.
  9. Now is the time to give the audience another false cut. (Use the third false cut explained above.)
  10. ‘then I get a phone and said hello this is jones’ drop the J card.
  11. ‘where are you doing tonight? I am going to a poker game at 700 and something king street’ drop the 7 and King card.
  12. ‘No No No, it’s 673 king street’ drop the 6, 7, 3 cards.
  13. ‘sorry about that, I meant 673 king street’ drop the 6, 7, 3 cards.
  14. ‘and a poker charge of $25’ drop 2 and 5 card.
  15. Here comes another false cut
  16. ’10 10 10’ drop three 10 cards that is next on the deck.
  17. ‘they say Jones do you want a deal?’ drop J card.
  18. ‘they said they wanted full house with two 4s and three 8s’ drop two 4s and three 8s. (remember you are to drop the next cards; the order is there).
  19. ‘the next guy wanted 4 9s’ drop 4 and four 9s.
  20. ‘the nest guy wanted an 8 with 4 Aces because he wanted to win’ drop 8 and four Aces.
  21. ‘then I said wait a minute, what the hell are you doing?’ drop the What The Hell Card.
  22. ‘they said Jones you card possibly win’ while you drop a J card.
  23. The end, show them five straight flush.

And that is 673 king street card trick.

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